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  1. Any idea where the switch is? I am guessing in the gearbox somewhere.
  2. I have an X reg (2000)Mondeo ST200 and I have recently noticed that the reversing lights are not working. I have checked the bulbs and the fuse. I had to change the gearbox switch on my old escort van so am guessing it might be that? Anyone got any ideas?
  3. Modeo Iso Fix Points

    Thanks for that Chris. Glad I don't need to cut the seat!
  4. Hi I have a X reg mondeo ST200 which i need to fit a baby seat too. It would be great if I could get an ISO fix base to attach the seat but I am little confused as to weather my car has these points. There seems to be lots of conflicting information on the internet. Having read another post the repy can back that you had to cut the seat material to get at the ISO fix points, is this realy the case? don't much fancy taking a knife to my leather! If any one can help it would be realy good!
  5. Ford escort van fuse box

    Thank you for that. Will be able to sort all my electrical problems out over the weekend!
  6. Hi I have a 1995(M) escort van and I am trying sort some electrical problems only thing is I do not have the cover for the fuse box and so dont know which fuses do what! Have tryed looking on google images but cant find any thing. Any ideas anyone ?
  7. I have the same problem with my escort van. Have had a look behind the battery and it is some what rotten. Think I might try a bit of a repair.
  8. Escort van hazard lights

    Thanks for your help. Think I will buy the switch off of ebay and see how I get on!
  9. I have just got a 1995(M) escort 55 van and the hazard lights do not work although the indicators do. When I press the switch nothing at all happens. Does any one know if there is a second flasher relay for the hazards? I need to check the fuse but the cover from the fuse box is missing so I dont know which fuse does what and there are some gaps where fuses are missing! Some one told me it was most likely to be the switch its self. Can get one from ebay for £10 but dont want to buy it if it is not the problem. Any ideas anyone? :(