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  1. how much did you pay?

    Ordered 31st March 09 - picked up from dealer on 4th June Zetec S 1.6 petrol Frozen White Bluetooth voice control & usb Auto air con Automatic lights & wipers Heated front screen Side skirts Street Pack Spare wheel Scuff plates Alloy pedals List price: £15,200 Paid: £12,100
  2. Do I place an order for a fiesta zetec s?

    No still keep finding reasons to drive it and constantly clean it :) lol cant recommend it enough, had none of the problems i have heard about on the forums yet which is good. Just love it :)
  3. Do I place an order for a fiesta zetec s?

    Mine took just over 8 weeks. Ordered it March 31st and picked it up on 4th June so quite good compared to how long the wait seems to be now.
  4. Do I place an order for a fiesta zetec s?

    I have a petrol zetec s with all the extras on it and must say i love it :) i do mostly short journeys too. When i picked it up last Thursday it was doing 23mpg but know thats gone up to 32mpg after 300 miles. Should gradually increase with the more miles i do. Even though the mpg isnt great at the moment, if you can afford it then i cant recommend it enough.
  5. Delivery date

    I HAVE MY CAR :) Picked my car up this morning and i love it. Been driving it all day and no problems so far. Even got the new stereo software which is good. Also how do i upload pictures? Keep me updated on your orders and hope they arrive soon.
  6. Delivery date

    Yes that is normal for you to be shown a list of registrations but you can say no and pick one at a later date if there is nothing you like which is what i did. If you didnt receive your car until the new registration in September then it would be registered as a 59 reg. My estimated delivery date was also asap but they should be able to give you a rough estimate as it tells them on the system when they place your order. I phoned my dealer on a weekly basis but they should inform you of a build date and an estimated delivery to dealer date. I understand the build date is when it starts being built and once this has happened then the order status changes to compound in where it is in the compound waiting to go onto the ship. The status then changes to compound out once it is on the ship and the next stage is delivery to dealer. Once the car is in the Uk it is transported straight to the dealer and does not have to sit anywhere like it does in Cologne which is where i suspect your car will be built rather than Valencia. Hope this helps and good luck with your order
  7. Delivery date

    Yea would do but it gets registered and everything at a different place about 3 miles from dealer then driven to the dealer where i just pick it up from. Might still go and see if i can see it at that place though lol
  8. Delivery date

    Thanks jma78b :) no it cannot come soon enough, knowing the car is just sitting there and i cant have it yet is killing me! Just over 8 weeks from order to delivery though so not to bad :)
  9. Delivery date

    MY CAR HAS ARRIVED :) My dealer just phoned me to let me know my car had arrived and that i can pick it up Thursday morning :) just has to be registered, taxed and have the scuff plates fitted :) Will post pics when i get it and hope everyone elses arrive soon
  10. Delivery date

    Well i think its almost certain that there on the same ship then and i hope your dealer is right and it does come sooner! Was told by my dealer on Tuesday that the car comes off the ship and goes straight to the dealer rather than being held somewhere like it does in Cologne. Not long to wait now though :)
  11. Delivery date

    Well thats great news :) mine has been built and is on the ship so maybe yours is with mine. Mine was due to be here by 6th June but been told it could be here by 30th May now so cant complain :) Keep us updated though and hope it comes soon
  12. Order placed!! So excited!

    Just an update. Went into dealer today to choose a registration and he checked my order while i was there. It is currently in the compound waiting to go on the ship and is expected to be at the dealer by 30th rather than 6th June so has come forward :) dealer also said will only have it for day to fit scuff plates and register it so only 2 weeks now hopefully :) lets hope the ship mine is on is extra fast! lol
  13. Order placed!! So excited!

    Well i hope my dealer is quick at getting new cars ready. I have heard they are so lets hope its true. Keep us updated and hopefully all have our cars soon :)
  14. Order placed!! So excited!

    Ah how annoying. I still cant believe how long you have had to wait, i should hope they do pay for it and you should push for more discount or some freebies. Keep us updated.