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  1. Hey TrueBlue, Did you have any luck solving this problem? I have what sounds like the exact same problem with my 2004 TDDi 2.0L 90bhp. Also, did you find where to plug the cam sensor? I cant find it to replace it. Someone posted photos for location on TDCi but sensor not in this place on TDDi.

  2. radio code

    thank you ever so much yes it worked ,rest assured i have made a note of it lol, once again thank you,,
  3. radio code

    can anyone help please i have taken my batry off car to change it and lost code from radio , seriel no is m064805 model number is 6000ne , thank you ,
  4. radio code

    my radio is same iv lost my code wonder if anyone can help me , seriel no is m064805 and model no is 6000ne ,, thank you,,
  5. mondeo tddi zetec 2ltr 115 bhp

    iv heard some news through the grape vine and is not happy ,, the problems im having and been told it happens to them all cos its a so called common fault ,iv been told its a selanoid on the diesel pump that get hot and were out thus making your ecu think all the sensors are faulty .and ford will not say this is the problem cos there parts dep and service dep are making lots of money from motorists changing sensors and things when all the time its down to a small part that they no will cause the problem again , im not 100% sure were the part is but according to a small garage who gets lots of these problems in says thats what the problem is and they can put it right , so after the hollidays mine is getting booked in first thing tuesday morning ,,,
  6. mondeo tddi zetec 2ltr 115 bhp

    the codes listed on ecu was p1665 p0380 p0216 p1246 p0231 p0335 of wich i was told was the problem its cutting out , was told its something to do with the timeing ,, but they was all removed by the rac ,so just carnt understand why its not starting ????????????????????????????????????????????
  7. mondeo tddi zetec 2ltr 115 bhp

    one things bothering me been on my mind all night , if a fault is on ecu and has stopped engine from working .when the part is changed will the ecu reset itself and allow the engine to restart , or will the code have to be removed from the ecu before it will let the car start ,??????????????????????? please help , thank you
  8. mondeo tddi zetec 2ltr 115 bhp

    yeah do what im going to do get rid ,,
  9. mondeo tddi zetec 2ltr 115 bhp

    oh my god what have i bought ,broken down once again this morning now im told its the crank angle sensor thats cutting it out , so digging in deep into my pockets and getting ready for a very expencive ride , iv been given a print out of were its located but dosent mean a thing to me looking into engine on car looks like its hid behind a pannel and dosent look easy
  10. mondeo tddi zetec 2ltr 115 bhp

    hiya again been a big missunderstading somewere i rang ford dealers for parts and they say my car dont have a cam sensor ,but had it to another garage and they saying its the fuel cut off switch itself took it off and shook it and he said it sounds like it fell apart inside but cos its a sealed unit it carnt be checked , but if its taped it cuts the engine , so hopefully a new fuel cut off switch will cure it , but many thanks for your help and sugestions ,fingers crossed im on my way to owning a very nice car ,, thanks clive,,
  11. mondeo tddi zetec 2ltr 115 bhp

    thank you stef if it is the cam sensor then were is it located and is it a easy fit or a garage job , you could be right cos someone said it sounds like somethings getting hot and cutting out , but with me been dissabled i need the car to run ok with minimum problems , thanks clive ..
  12. mondeo tddi zetec 2ltr 115 bhp

    thanks mintalkin we put a comp on ecu and no faults are showing ,the glow plug light dosent flash it comes on and the car stalls , so pass but not sure if light comes on before it stalls or after but through shock of it stalling was keeping my eyes on the road , but what i carnt understand is its will start up again after 20 mins or so and run for a few more miles ??????????????????????????????
  13. wonder if anyone can help me or advise me , i bought a mondeo tddi zetec estate and on the day i bought it it drove back to my home no problem ,but the day after i was driving it in my village and the heater plug light came on and it cut out rolling to a stop, so rac came out to me and he said it could be a faulty diesel pump but after having a machanic look at it said its defo not diesel pump ,and he took the fuel cut of switch out from the pannel and shook it and he said its this thats the fault it was very very loose so he has put it back and said to drive it as normal and if it goes again then take it off and make sure its pressed in ,,,, but im not 100% sure ,when im driving it does seem has if the fuel has been cut off and just flashes heater glow plugs then stops , but the weired thing is it will restart after about half an hour ,so can anyone help please ,, thank you clive ,,