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  1. Just a question about timing belt ford focus estate 2015 65 plate 1.5 zetec diesel can it be changed to a chain drive belt only wondering thank you
  2. I had this tuning box for my 53 plate estate Ford focus it worked on my 1.8 07 plate too but now I have a 1.6 tdci same as my last 2 cars not sure if the tuning box will work but looking at the connection it's the same
  3. Need to know what pipe is what eeekkkk what sort of primer pump or so on thank you
  4. Had a car service ford focus tdci hatchback zetec climate 07 plate fuel filter change and wouldn't start so had to by a primer I'm not sure do they have an electronic fuel pump or have they got to prime it if so what specific ways of doing this as I had a primer fitted and car 2 times struggled to start 2 time it cut off but start then started as soon as I put my foot on the eccelarator
  5. Hi guys I have a 2007 ford focus I have a 6000cd radio yuk I want to get a dab USB aux radio from the ford specs that fit ??
  6. 1.8 I found the issue you were right injectors 2 and 3 I have booked it in Monday morning thanks guys
  7. Lost my forum but like to thank for the advice on about my ford focus tdci zetec climate 07 smell fumes was from the injectors 2 and 3 found the problem and will be repaired and service tomorrow and so on thanks guys
  8. Fumes smell is a definite been at the car and coming from the air duct so it's fumes so I got it booked in tomorrow
  9. 1.8 I checked today seems like manifold gasket is the info I got from two mobile mechanic it don't smell fuel it's smells fumes
  10. New here guys a bit of advice if possible bought an 07 ford focus tdci zetec climate of an old guy I say in his 70s plus don't think he's used it much and not used the motor way either I notice some smoke so I gave it some pace on the motorway as them smoke started to clear but sparks came out of the exhaust so I gave it some rev hopefully it clears next day no smoke 😆 but I'm sensing some smell fume smell I'm guessing any reasonable guess I assume that the crap I blew out on the motorway is the cause is it possible the catalytic conveter could be faulty or so 02 sensor or is it dirty I bought cat cleaner shall I wait till if it cleans it all out and the smell goes ?? From the guy I bought it off had service from 2013 I notice when he drove it he's hasn't gone over 40 mph slow I know but I doubt he's done 60 never mind motorway running
  11. Need advice bought an 07 ford focus tdci hatchback zetec climate had sparks came out of my exhaust smoke the old man who had the car didn't use it much and never gone past 60 mph or so . So I took it for a run just to see what's next car runs fine good power but I can smell something which I am unsure of like fumes maybe don't know and I think coming through the air duct point ? Only smell after a took it on the motor way is it cos I blew all the crap out burn it all off ???
  12. When I pull off in first or go 2nd and harsh braking I hear a clunk under my driver side would it be the off side drive shaft ford focus 1.8 tdci 53 plate estate
  13. Does any one know that ford focus tdci have chain drive top or bottom or belt thanks
  14. Welcome to the Ford forums kimmyb74 :)

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