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    hey, i've got a griffin iTrip for my ipod and focus. Its great when im in the same city but i drive over the peak district quite a lot and find as u go between big cities that the radio frequencies in the area changes and often ends up on the frequency my ipod is set to so i lose my music and its nearly impossible to re-programme the frequency safely while driving so i have to wait until a traffic jam to get my music back. Worth considering if you will be driving quite long distances.
  2. Thanx. I took it to a different dealer (20miles away!) and it didnt do it once i got there, could have strangled it!! But they bled the clutch for me and oiled the springs. Since then it hasn't done it at all so fingers crossed. I asked them about the clutch (it doesnt like going in to gear and often jumps out of 1st and reverse) and it sounded like they would do it on warranty as its only got 27k on it, is this possible? should i push them for it?
  3. Hi ppl, please help. I've had my 56 reg 1.6 focus sport with about 27k on clock for a couple of months and its already being weird. I noticed a while ago that when i pull in somewhere and dip the clutch to let car roll and slow down as im going to park if i turn the wheel to the right, regardless of the gear its in it felt like something was catching. The odd thing- to me anyway, is that you feel the knocking in the clutch when the wheel is turned not the steering wheel? The brakes generally feel like they are dirty even after a 100mile trip, i have lots of probs getting it in gear and often have to double de-clutch and it doesnt like to start when its cold outside (like me i suppose). I took it to a ford dealer near where i live to get it checked as its under waranty and they said they can feel it doing it but don't know what it is and they tried another thay had in for repair at the time (-surely this one must be broken aswell!!?) and that does it also, so it must be ok. Lately its got ten times worse and i don't have a clue whats causing it. It now feels like broken bones grinding when i turn the wheel at all! I'm trying to get a second opinion from another dealer seen as i don't fully trust the one i have so far but dont want to get ripped off seen as i'm not amazing with bits of cars! Any ideas greatfully received, cheers :)