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  1. New Edge

    as you can tell , i havent got an edge, how does the climate seats operate, is it touch screen control or display only and buttons elsewhere?
  2. New Edge

    good luck with that. bet it will wipe the climate seat button off . i assume the sync 3 works the climate seats?
  3. Windscreen Wipers Clash

    is it a ford garage ?
  4. its an old recall thats been updated to include later vehicles. just a pcm software update. takes approx 30 mins.
  5. streetka timing chain

    idealy the sump needs to come off , but you could possibly use a dti guage in the no 1 or 4 sparkplug hole and find tdc accuratley. then lift chain up over crank sproket and on to cam sprocket with pointer at 12 o clock.
  6. 2015 Mk5 Cigar Lighter Fuse

    fuse 10 20amp in the battery junction box is the cigar lighter fuse
  7. Engine Malfunction Service Now

    oh yeah, just checked your profile. a 1.25, very rare to have a problem with that engines electronics. also that engine doesnt have a service reset procedure after doing a service. just need to leave it with the dealer to sort out and if it happens again reject the car and have your money back.
  8. ka 2 remote locking key

    pm me your reg no and i can check if your car has rcl.
  9. Engine Malfunction Service Now

    i think the dealer doesnt know much about fords. the warning message has nothing to do with having it serviced.petrol or diesel?
  10. Fiesta Mk6/.5? Driver's Window

    yeah right! of course they would have! .....not. your local motor factor should sell pattern ones quite cheap.
  11. Ford Mondeo Start Stop issue

    lots of sensors control the operation of stop start, as the switch iluminates after 5 mins, its detecting afault. clutch sensor, neutrol position sensor, battery monitoring sensor, outside temp sensor, brake vacuum sensor. as you can see it takes a while without diagnostics to find the fault. what i would check first is the battery monitoring sensor is connected to the battery
  12. Service message re-set.

    when was the fuel filter last changed. as for the service reset procedure you carried out, thats the same as ford dealers use when servicing.
  13. warranty is 3yrs from new. as you havent had mot done yet im assuming its not quite 3yrs old and should still be under warranty.
  14. New Edge

    hand it back. unfortunatly missbuilds can and do happen. now did the dealer not order the sony dab nav as part of the order proccess( which they are well aware of the need to do so when having lux pack) or was it a ford manufacturing error?