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  1. iantt

    Retrofit PTC Heater Mk3

    What app did you use to monitor the PTC heater?
  2. iantt

    out of fuel

    The 1.5 ecoboost engine is a pain to start when run dry.
  3. iantt

    Things I Don't Like

    The hangover after works Xmas party!!
  4. iantt

    Ford Fiesta ST keyfob/battery issues

    You got the batteries the right way round? The position of remote when you have flat batteries is in the vicinity of where a conventional key would be inserted into steering lock on column.
  5. iantt

    How Many People Can You Fit In A Focus?

    I had a neighbour a few years ago who had some relations turn up in a people carrier ( old nissan ) I was watching through my living room window. Assuming it was capable of seating 8 Inc driver , that was what the max I was expecting to get out. Well it turned out I counted 19 Inc small children get out!! I couldn't believe it.
  6. iantt

    EcoBoost degas hose question

    Took all of 10 mins
  7. It's not difficult on MK3 , there are markings to driil holes to unbolt the catch, then if you don't want to replace the trim panel, Put a couple of grommets in the holes after
  8. iantt

    EcoBoost degas hose question

    Job for today. My turn to replace degas hose for MK3.5 ones
  9. iantt

    Transit power loss

    Oh, and who ever does it will get diesel every whern removing the filter if is located in the engine bay. On the custom they fit them underneath near the fuel tank and are easier esp if you have the right tool to undo the filter housing.
  10. iantt

    Transit power loss

    Ive done a few with the same symptoms on transit. Because of this , we informed customers and gave them the option to have fuel filter done at service time. I'm not saying the filter will cure your issue , but the lack of codes indicates it could be.
  11. iantt

    Transit power loss

    With the filter changed? Servicing on the transits don't include fuel filter unless the blocked filter light is showing on dash.
  12. iantt

    Transit power loss

    Fuel filter?
  13. iantt

    TPMS/DDS Questions

    Tpms sensors only started being fitted the later part of 2014 from what I remember.
  14. iantt

    Etis inaccuracies

    Quite normal. Example is less Bluetooth, my focus is less Bluetooth( old non sync Bluetooth Nokia module) but with sync 1 ( newer Bluetooth ) It's not the most accurate but gives a general overview. No one at ford looks at it to be fair. For precise details of a component we look at the ecat parts system .
  15. iantt

    Retrofit PTC Heater Mk3

    I've enabled my PTC heater, just need to run the thick live and earth as my car doesn't have them. Will do this at weekend. Then see what percentage the heater operates on mine with everything on.