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  1. Yeah, but I think the relay could be intergrated into the bcm . The bcm is the fusebox in the passengers footwell
  2. Now you've said both were staying on initially. I'm now guessing the fog lamp relay is stuck on. Sounds a bit brutal but give the bcm a bit of a thump.
  3. Check the evap temp sensor connector. Quite often it gets unplugged or damaged when replacing the pollen filter
  4. Power to both foglights is from same fuse, same relay so both should be stuck on or both not work. That doesn't make much sense. Have you checked the bulb that doesn't work? The earth path is via the headlights, so check the connectors at the headlights for corrosion . If you can get the fog to stay on permanently, try unplugging the same side headlight connector and see what happens
  5. Sales man bullshitting you there.
  6. It's build was April 2014. So what exactly did they say?
  7. It's a 2010 cmax onwards model, not necessarily a 2010 build ? Pm me your reg and I can check build date if you want.
  8. Pin 1 12v feed, pin 6 earth. Pins 2 and 3 medium speed canbus pin4 and pin5 not used.
  9. Do both fog lights work if you switch them on normally with the fog lamp indicator too?
  10. You mean an f8 sat nav sd card? If so , yes on a sync2 nav.
  11. Sound like low on gas. Did it have any gas before it was refilled? If not the the leak is still there.
  12. iantt


    10 minute drive isn't sufficient for a dpf regen to complete, that could be why it's trying every time with the fan on . As for the noise, it could be any number of reasons for this noise. Not easy to diagnose on a forum . I would get a garage to investigate . Has it only just started making a noise . Have you owned the car a longtime?
  13. As Clive just said. As I haven't got a MK4 I don't know what you can change unfortunately.
  14. My partner just seen a car with 2 young lads drive up our no through road , stop outside our house , look through bushes at front of house looking through living room window. She was upstairs looking down seeing them . I'm in living room unaware with curtains open. They turned round, drove off and then came back again doing the same. Gone now. My partner came down to tell me. Either they want the TV or one of our cars? Keys hidden in metal boxes ( just incase a relay job on my keyfree Mondeo. ( But I have disabled that feature so it shouldn't be possible)