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  1. Found a hotel stay in Tenerife . Get there lunchtime on Friday 5th Nov all inclusive , so hit the beers and snacks as soon as I get there, tea, beers , sleep, breakfast , beers , snacks, lunch , no more beers, fly back sat 6th late afternoon. All for £266. That's flight, luggage( not that I need any as such) coach transfers, hotel and all food and drink. Obviously photos to wind my partner up. Not booked it yet in case I can find a better deal. 😂😂😂
  2. Can anyone help me find the correct color for me fiesta please I have a 2010 Ford fiesta titanium in blue and the code says is 79 but I can't seem to find the same for it, anyone know what it Is or where to get it? I just to repaint a mirror cover. Thank you


    1. iantt


      Hi, 79 is Avalon grey . The ford part number in 150ml spray can is 1774299 but I don't see for sale anywhere. 

      Im sure your local ford dealer could supply a can. 

  3. Ive already come up with a plan that involves me pretending to go to work early but then go to the airport and fly out the country. 😂😂
  4. Good idea!! I could just photo shop myself somewhere. But I know what's see like and would insist on proof of my stay. 😂😂😂
  5. Do like a challenge. My partner and her daughter are going to see grease the musical in Nov. Staying over in a hotel in Birmingham I think. " Would I cope on my own" as I'm not going. Cope!!! Cope!! I said by chance I'm away that night too!! And a better hotel, in a better location. I was only joking , but she said "fine, send me a photo with you outside the hotel" she knows I'm normally to tight to stay away some where. Challenge is now to find somewhere alot nicer to stay?
  6. I hear the Taliban going green by sponsoring the battery tech on the new electric cars.
  7. Mache e you get whisper, normal and untamed modes
  8. imports i guess. mot rules have to allow for those
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