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  1. I've reversed into a lamppost in my youth. MK2 Vauxhall cavalier. Didn't see it as I reversed out of a market square carpark at high speed. We'll probably 10mph. that did some damage but the body shop managed to straighten it and only had to fit a second hand lamp.
  2. Win win for me too. Sun finally out!!! Our broadband is good considering we in the middle of nowhere. When we got here yesterday took a wrong of turn down a lane that got so rough the car grounded out !!! Then as it was a dead end, had to reverse back again. Was anticipating the plastic sump with a hole in it. Checked after we stopped and nothing leaking yet.
  3. I'm known as the rain maker in my household when on UK hols. Every UK hol it rains. No exception .
  4. Mx5, Audi TT . Now there hairdressers cars Actually now come to think of it , the only hairdresser I know( not that I need one any more 👱👱) does indeed drive a 60 plate 1.6 tdci fiesta. 😂😂
  5. In sunny Dorset, well not so sunny. Anyway we went to a Sainsbury's to stock up while in our holiday cottage and the shelves were empty of the most basic things,beer!!!! Amongst other things. Don't know if it's due to the Dorset folk being drunks or shortages to the lorry drivers shortage etc. Tomato ketchup of any brand/ style was another random item with bare shelf. On top of this first world problem ,our dog hasn't been well for some time and this holiday was her holiday but she not coping well since we got here. Dopey dog tried climbing the stairs and collapsed at the top.
  6. https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/cars/1468401/caravan-owners-concerned-petrol-vehicle-ban Oh what a shame.... not.😂😂😂
  7. Sometimes it's quite amusing when you find out a saying or phrase can mean 2 different things. My partner said to the chief exec that she had been round some of the staff and was fluffing up ( as in making the people feel better about them selves) chief exec was shocked as he knew that phrase as meaning something else completely different. Then her daughter said she was off round to friends house so they could Netflix and chill. My partner nearly chocked on her coffee she was drinking. Daughter didn't realise that phrase could mean something else!! 😂😂😂😂😂
  8. My parents dishwasher was doing pretty much the same. Thought it was the dishwasher faulty. Bought new one but on removing old dishwasher we found a fat berg in the drain to the main under sink drain. Cleared it out and it worked fine. Still fitted the new dishwasher.
  9. the company in the industrial estate next to ours at work are developing hydrogen fuel cell trains. there was a trial a few months back on a mainline that got sone publicity. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20200227-how-hydrogen-powered-trains-can-tackle-climate-change
  10. then build new houses along the edge of rail track so amazon can use the same track to deliver parcels actually the royal mail in the early 20th century were able to catch the mail from a moving train.
  11. every transport firm around here are constantly advertising for drivers and have done for quite a while, same goes for technicians to fix the lorries .
  12. Our council provides black bin for general waste, green for anything recyclable , and pay for a brown bin for garden stuff. So I guess the recycling is sorted out at the tip. I know for a fact that our council has been known to bury recyclable waste from the green bins in with the non recyclable. That came from a firefighter I used to work with. He went to a large refuge fire at our tip ( burnt for days) and asked at the time about the recyclable waste burning!!!! Also had separate bins at a garage I worked at not far from the tip . Both types of waste were collected at the same time and in the same bin lorry each week. In the end we used both bins for anything as it made no difference. So don't kid your self the stuff you sort out always gets recycled.
  13. DC/DC converter is a different term to voltage regulator. The charging system/battery is designed to operate at higher voltages than conventional . Can have up to 15.2 v on occasions. That would play havoc with delicate electronics in today's cars so a DC/DC converter is used to regulate the voltages to a safe reliable lower voltage. The position is pretty much under the headlight switch.
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