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  1. That's an old storey about Halfords spraying oil on shocks. And it's true. Our local Halfords got caught doing exactly that. Was about 20 years ago. Ford won't replace shocks under warranty unless the oil is dripping off the bottom of shock. Misting is acceptable and normal on newish cars.
  2. I've seen quite a few fiestas with misting/leaking shocks less than 2 years old
  3. They shouldn't advise if may be fine for years.
  4. The ign on off button pressing is only for programming the remote button part of key. Not the starting of car / passive anti theft. The key needs programming either by ford using there diagnostic equipment or using a locksmith to clone your existing working key.
  5. 7.2 hrs for the timing belt and 2.2hrs for the oil pump belt.
  6. Then I switched it all back on. 🤣🤣🤣
  7. Taking part in another electric saving session. Got my consumption right down for the hour required. 33 watts. Result
  8. Mmm, and I thought it was only electric cars that reduce mpg/range when cold🤣🤣🤣.
  9. has your dad done Glow plugs on a ranger before? Not a 5 min job on those.
  10. Yep, that why I was asking to confirm the fuse box as I was about to say if that's the fuse box then ignore fuseb32 as that's for earlier custom. Never quite know when early custom went to later custom.that went to 2.0 custom. And if that was the fuse box then indeed the feed to cargo lamps are controlled by the bcm.
  11. Is that the same layout of aux fuse box as yours?
  12. Try fuse 32 auxillary junction box. To the left of the steering column
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