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  1. Things I Don't Like

    ive had 2 bouts of this ( proper full blown flu) over winter and it wasnt terminal .
  2. Anyone else had this problem

    depends on time of year, this is busy time for new cars being prepped, and returning customers from previous march purchases of 2014,15,16,17 etc wanting there car serviced. causes a headache for dealers with limited courtesy cars and a shortage of staff( national shortage of skilled techs out there) most garages have adverts nearly all year round now.
  3. Oil pump failure ford ecoboost

    I would put a new oil pump on and try it.
  4. Locking Wheel Nuts

    all fords with alloy wheels come with locking nuts as standard from new.
  5. Titanium boot badge issue

    I don't recall seeing titanium badges on MK3 either, but now editing this as I had a look on auto trader and seen some early ones with them .
  6. Maps update

    Anyone at the factories been told of f7 ? Lol
  7. Mk3 1.6 ti vct issues

    probably needs a pcm update.
  8. Titanium boot badge issue

    thieves nicking a titanium? i dont even bother locking my car ( zetec)
  9. or easier if you still have key for old ign lock, just remove the barrel. ign to acccesory position and put a small punch or simular into a small hole in steering lock to release the button inside. pull barrel and key out.
  10. in the uk the extended warranty is 5 yrs. usa get 10yrs!
  11. Fuel filter

    or tampons
  12. Fuel filter

    75k or 6 yrs is recomended interval
  13. stop being a woman about this and man up! 😂