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  1. and passenger one should be yellow/orange and black/blue
  2. heated seat circuit should be the blue connector, wires should be yellow/orange and black/violet. check the back of connector for those colours
  3. iantt

    Ford Focus mk4

    if i can get up to 68mpg out of a 1.0 ecoboost, i bet i could get somewhere near 90mpg out of a diesel. lol
  4. iantt

    Dealer Service Video!?

    we were instructed how to do video, starting with the rear number plate stating who i was and who the customer was . the starting at rear corner and working way round poinnting out some red/orage items finishing off with some green. then to front numberplate . all had to be done in 60 secs plus or minus 5 secs. video had to constantly show the vehicle and not the workshop floor or surounding area .
  5. iantt

    Dealer Service Video!?

    just watched that video, thats a pretty poor video. mine were better than that.
  6. iantt

    Dealer Service Video!?

    And Vauxhall dealers, i used to have to do them at my previous job at vauxhall garage . its quite a good idea to be fair. the customer can see the issues if any decide if they want the work done. no more " your discs and pads are worn out" when they clearly are not. now customer can see pad thickness etc, tyre tread depths and general underside condition.
  7. Nothing specialist about changing the auto box oil and filter on a power shift . Just the oil is expensive.
  8. iantt

    2012 Grand C-max 1.6 tdci euro 5 engine

  9. iantt

    2012 Grand C-max 1.6 tdci euro 5 engine

    You need to remove starter motor and lock flywheel, idealy with a proper locking tool
  10. iantt

    Flashing PATS light, non starter.

    My money is still on the cluster being faulty,
  11. iantt

    Cam belt

    Well, that was a good result, getting the cambelt done before you take ownership.
  12. iantt

    Cam belt

    As for clocking, luckily you can check mot history for vehicles and have good idea if clocking may have taken place or not. As for cambelt intervals , the 1.6 petrol is 100k or 8 years, 1.6 diesel is 125k or 10 years. So if your car is petrol it should be due now. PM me your reg number and I could check for certain for you, there are a few other intervals depending on car build dates.
  13. iantt

    EcoBoost degas hose question

    The long hose has a clip on connector simular to the one that goes into expansion tank
  14. iantt

    Drivers Seat Spring Assembly

    Probably only a Ford dealer can supply just the spring assy Try https://ford.7zap.com/en/car/ for a partnumber
  15. If its an original radio, pull the removable front off and refit it. See if that works.