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  1. It is normally the case of the dipstick not being fully pushed in on the 1.5 tdci. They are a tight fit and quite often feel like it is fitted correctly when it's not.
  2. 1.6 ecoboost is either. 5w20 or 5w30
  3. iantt

    Dpf regens.how do you know

    The vapouriser as Peter said was problematic on the Mondeo, and more so on transits . Done lots of them . Blown fuses. Blocked vapouriser pipes with soot. They can be unblocked assuming you can get the vapouriser out without damage to it.
  4. 5w20 is good enough for fiesta st ecoboost and focus st ecoboost. What makes you think it's not good enough for the 1.0 ecoboost tuned up or not?
  5. iantt

    Bees under shed....??.... I think

    Lad at work said there isn't much you can do. If there is only one or two at a time he says he doubts there making a nest.
  6. iantt

    Interested in DIY timing belt change

    some mechanics are trustworthy.
  7. iantt

    Central locking

    check the sliding hinges for play /damage to the runner
  8. iantt

    Central locking

    probably one of the doors isnt locking, probably an electrical fault . go to each door and check if it locking or making a noise when you press the lock on the fob. you will probably find the side door or rear door not working. dirty contacts on the side door sometimes, or even the side door runners broken ( will still slide but the little wheels break up) which makes the door drop where the contacts are. another area to look at is the rear door wiring where it hinges, the wires can break inside the plastic sheathing.
  9. iantt

    Bees under shed....??.... I think

    i will ask at work, we got a new guy started a month or so ago and he has BEEn a bee keeper for many years.will see what he recomends.
  10. or they could have forgot to fit a friction washer behind the crank bolt. from the factory there is no washer but when you refit crank pulley you have to fit one. the initial torque on crank bolt is only 60nm, but then its 90° turns 5 times. thats very tight. whatever the outcome , its the garages responsibility
  11. I'm guessing the bolt in the circular recess. I don't bother pinning this engine, just a dab of tipex or paint on pulleys and behind to line up, then belt off and new on.
  12. its no issue, you can potentialy can have the pump any where you like and it will run ok. just line the crank and cam up and insert pins. belt off, then turn fuel pump so the pump alignment pin can be inserted. belt and tensioner on. the mk3 1.6tdci doesnt have a fuel pump alignment pin, so can be anywhere.
  13. iantt

    DMF or not DMF?

    single without any doubt.
  14. even if its a defective part, that will be covered by the part manufacturers warranty. but my guessing is the crank bolt hasnt been tightened correctly. it is tighntened to a very high torque only able to be tightened using a torque multiplier and even then you have to have good muscles.
  15. iantt

    DAB Aerial/antenna

    pretty much the same , 7zap and microcat. you can search using vin on both by the looks of it