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  1. Battery voltage can have an effect on the power steering, low cost cranking voltage from the battery may trigger a dtc for steering. Have the battery checked.
  2. iantt

    Mk 4 wipers

    I've not noticed the wipers , but your right. Looks like they have indeed gone back to a linked motor.
  3. Software won't reduce power unless the pcm detects repeated slip when the clutch is worn out through wear and tear
  4. Good you found the issue, quite a common problem .
  5. Check the wiring that goes through the rubber convoluted tube on the left from tailgate to the body. Chances are the wiring is damaged.
  6. Programming of IPC not required.
  7. You shouldn't need a different stalk , works on the intermittent position , and variable sensitivity on the intermittent middle scrolling wheel.
  8. The fluid needs to conform to fords spec, WSS-M2C204-A2 eurocarparts do a triple qx CHF 11s fluid that conforms to the ford spec.
  9. iantt


    I have same issue when I'm driving up to our automatic doors at work. So now I don't bother braking. Lol one day it won't work and that could get messy. Or I get in another car without it and forget.
  10. The image of the 100nm torque was only the initial torque before fully torqued to 290nm . Torqued both nut types to 290nm no issues. The strange nut you refer to has been used also on the rear hubs ( slightly smaller version) , and on other models too in focus to torques of 235nm ok.
  11. Ref the hub but torque, where did you see 100nm. Etis says 290nm.
  12. Yeah, the X vision kit is ok . I've fitted quite a few of those but mostly to the cars. Think I remember doing one on a ranger a long time ago. Put X vision kit on my focus just under 5 years ago and still work fine. Mine are integrated into the sync1 system and display screen through a special module that was available at the time.