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  1. According to the info I have you unclip the front then lift the whole seat cushion upwards.
  2. iantt


    You probably can see the horn by removing the drivers side headlight. But official removal is by removing the large undertray, then the the front undertray.
  3. Didn't think you could update sync 2 via the update website.
  4. Jesus, unless you have a crap battery to start with, it will be fine.
  5. Also the best way to get oil out quicker is to run engine for a while to warm oil up. Takes about 10 mins to get the oil out my Mondeo.
  6. Your title says no Aircon, but you want picture with Aircon? Here's the one with aircon anyway.
  7. thats the i fo on my pump, it wont flatten your car battery if thats wjat your concerned about if in doubt leave the engine running to keep the charge up. lol 😂😂😂😂😂
  8. Only the mk8 can show the tyre pressures. What advantage.mmmm. none really. Probably triggers the display at a lesser loss of pressure.
  9. The wiring is partialy there. There's a multiplug behind the bumper that does other functions with the front fog wiring, but the wiring harness from the multiplug to the fog lamps is not there. The switch just needs plugging in , then enabling in the body control module using either foccuus software or forscan software( both free downloads) using a laptop and an elm327 adapter. Basically I would go to a scrapyard and obtain the switch,fog lamps and chrome surrounds with the wiring harness . I have done this with new parts for a customer a few years ago
  10. If your refering to the bendy plastic hose, it called an intercooler hose. You can get a rubber hose to replace this on eBay. Search 1468764 on eBay and think you should see some results that appears to be the pipe in question.
  11. The direct tpms on fiesta doesn't show the tyre pressures on the display just for reference. Only the same message that indirect tpms shows.
  12. which is exactly the fault i described in my earlier post. you need a new oil pressure control soleniod fitting.