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  1. iantt


    My Mondeo now works every time it should now that I've replaced my battery.
  2. iantt


    You will find the charging system charges on overrun more than a steady run up the motorway unless the battery is quite low on charge.
  3. front and rear parking sensors with reverse camera. thats 4 now. lol
  4. Let's hope there's nothing wrong with it before delivery. 🤔🤔
  5. Halfords discount card is still issued on membership. I've saved more than the cost of membership multiple times in 12 months.
  6. I'm not on Facebook either, well not with my real name.lol
  7. So what has servicing by a ford dealer have any effect on electric rack failing. I would get your customer to have another go. Some Mondeo owners have been sucessfull by being persistent. Ford and DVLA say it's not classed as dangerous as it's only the assistance that is lost and not the steering despite being heavy operation. DVLA state it's not safety related. There's a Facebook group currently discussing this issue
  8. If you Google ford owners manual , there are online manuals for your vehicle. Even the very new customs still have the older manuals in. So to answer your question. Either fuse 23,24 or 63
  9. Just give it a pull . Held in place with 22 plastic tags.
  10. Ford will contribute if you contact ford customer services and hassle them.
  11. I did a poll of voting intentions amongst the fellow workers , all male but varying ages from 18 to 55. To my surprise without any prompting they all either have or are going to vote for the same party. I wasn't expecting that.
  12. dont like mis information on facebook and when i try to correct with knowledge /technical information from my trade , i get basically told im wrong . err, im quoting from the manufafturer!! dont shoot the messenger!
  13. Bluefin is a handset and upload the new map to car. I've had one on my focus 1.0 ecoboost for 5 years no problems. Now got one on order for my 2.0 tdci 150hp Mondeo Mk5 Sounds like TDI tuning do a similar thing now then .