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  1. This is where the xvision sensors should fit on a mk8. And the sensors should be the angled type.
  2. Be very very carefull when removing the mk8 headlight, so easy to break the headlight bracket at the front.
  3. Depending on engine and emmisions standard, it can be just timed or if diesel with dpf, it can be based on the frequency of dpf regens and drive style ( short journeys) which dilutes the oil which then can require earlier oil changes regardless of service interval. The oil change message should be regarded as exactly that, oil change. Then the message / light should be reset. There's been a ford few issues regarding oil dilution that I won't go into . So never ignore the oil change warning message or reset it and carry on.
  4. The capacity of the reductant tank is 12.4 litres, so I would get 10 litre container. As for adblue buying, I've no idea. But I do know cheaper adblue can cause problems on the fords. So I would go with a branded version. The ford adblue spec is wss-m99c130-a Redex are a good brand in guessing. https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/redex-adblue-with-spout-10l-552996800
  5. Officially it shouldn't be removed . Ford don't supply the sensor separately. It's part of the fuel rail spider. But I believe they can be bought separately on eBay Just follow an injector pipe to find the sensor
  6. My gsxr600 was more than fast enough for me. 160mph in told🤭🤭. Its not the top speed but the acceleration that I liked though. I'm considering an easier bike than the gsxr this time Maybe a tdm 900, upright position more to my liking and cope with my dodgey knees , ankles, wrists etc. I am nearly 56 so needs must. Lol Want a bike thats broke preferably so I get the satisfaction of fixing/ tinkering with it in the winter months. So I need one now!!
  7. I'm 6ft 3in and not skinny. Rode a Kawasaki kh100 for must be 3 years or so to work and back 14 miles each way rain or shine or snow or ice .Then decided to take my test when I was 31. Straight from the kh100 to a Honda cb900. That was some change!! Had other bikes since, gsxr600, etc etc. Then stopped riding when I was 40. ( Upcoming divorce needed paying for) I'm now considering getting back on a bike again . My partner is happy for me to have another one, but maybe she has taken out secret life insurance on me??? 😲😲😲🤔🤔🤔
  8. Check fuse 76 in the bcm in passengers footwell
  9. i would have thought it would show up in cluster under information. stood next to a focus ecoblue but cant find the keys to check.
  10. You are correct , it is the knock sensor.
  11. didnt know they had feng. know you have a button that changes exhaust note with a flap in the silencer iirc.
  12. seen the puma up close today, first one . its ok. not something i would want though.
  13. this is a brand new mondeo steering rack and as you can see the torx bolts are still the same design but steel. my 16 plate mondeo is the same. i had mine, the brand new one and the first broken one ive come across on a 15 plate on ramps to compare. the replacement bolts listed in the us recall are fitted on various ford vehicles , one example is on the gear lever housing on a maverick