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  1. I hate to think how much more the shopping has been over the last few weeks, nearly everything is the branded stuff, and had to resort to Waitrose to get food. Now there expensive. In normal times we would have gone to Aldi for our shopping and anything else we couldn't get there we went to tesco after. But those shops are now a nightmare to get what you need. Not looked at credit card yet but I'm guessing double. Luckily we both work ( or did ) and have 1 teenager to feed( and a dog 🐕)
  2. You notice the birds more when there's no other background noise. I live not far from our town bypass and a housing building site. Without that noise it's so quiet. But the ***** birds have made up for it. The dog keeps going out chasing them every 5 minutes in the garden.
  3. After isolation? I'm putting it on by the day and I'm only been on day 2 at home from work. Also my body clock is telling me to get up early , anything from 3am to 6 am. You would have thought most people would stay in bed as they didn't need to go to work . Alcohol isn't making me sleep any more hours. Lol I feel like I've got jet lag without the flight!!
  4. Our recycling centres in our county shut last week. And won't be long before normal black bins will only be emptied
  5. I have done a few jobs in the garden , but after 30 mins I loose interest and go in for cuppa tea and packet of biscuits. Never eaten so much food during the day. Then by early afternoon I hit the raspberry vodka, still on it now.
  6. I will be joining the A.A by the end of this and weight watchers
  7. I did quite a few jobs in the garden, so for a change it's the turn for the car to get some attention today. I'm also signing up to the NHS voluntary service today.
  8. Does getting some microfibre cloths constitute essential shopping? Essential I clean and polish the car for my sanity over next few weeks at home
  9. Ding dong!!! Where do they attach the hose????😂😂😂😂
  10. Supply and demand , low demand and prices come down. Most of the locals where you live can only scrape there knuckles on the ground let alone drive. That's my take on it Clive. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Obviously you are the the exception . 😃🤔🤔
  11. You are. but then again, So am I passing my test march 1981