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  1. Lights only take 2 mins each to remove. No need for any stripping. I doubt any dealer will give you a different answer.
  2. Led lights suffer slightly more as there's less heat generated to evaporate the condensation. Leave the lights switched on during your journeys even when in daylight will help in these moister days/nights.
  3. My daughter walked into our house and into our living room where were were sat , to be told by her (with face mask on ) that the nursery where she worked had toddlers who spread covid to the staff and parts of the nursery had to shut down due to staff now off with covid. She said it's ok she hasn't got it!! Only a splitting headache! She dropped off a present for my step daughters 18th birthday. Anyway, I need to lock the front door to stop family entering the house! We have quarantined the present for 3 days and wiped down the front door and living room handles etc. Thought I sh
  4. That fuse position is probably for petrol versions with hego sensors etc. Your diesel doesn't have hego sensors
  5. Normally it's the pedal at fault. Buy a second hand one and try it. My daughters fiesta car had the same code. I cleared the code and bought a pedal off eBay. Not played up for the last few weeks. Typical.
  6. I've not heard anything about extended warranty either. Only standard extended warranty is on the battery pack and components.
  7. Only vehicles between 2011 and 2015.
  8. I had to "prepare" first thing in the morning. That's a weird feeling whacking a bag of fluid up via a small pipe. 😢😢
  9. You do plenty of that while the camera is up there. Good job the nurses are used to it.
  10. I watched my own on a big screen. Took my mind off what was actually going on. 🤪🤪🤪
  11. Belt and interval is 112500miles or 10 years.
  12. I think you need to get it to some good garage who can diagnose your car's problem properly.
  13. Yes, It is the fuse box behind the glovebox.
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