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  1. The wasp was already enjoying my alcohol in glass, I didn't see it as was watching TV with no lights on. Had a sip and wasp went in mouth. Tongue still painfull this morning but nothing like last night.
  2. Don't like getting stung on the end of my tongue by a wasp. Was having a drink, then felt something in my mouth , within milisecs before spitting it out , it stung my tongue. Ouch isnt the word to describe the pain. It's made the whole of my mouth and neck painfull. Even my teeth hurt like toothache. Been 2 hours since and still to painfull to get to sleep.
  3. Halfords paint is known for not colour matching well. Any ford dealer can supply you rattle can and touch up pen. Or ford dealers on eBay sell them . https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F372135923703
  4. Definitely the cambelt is at fault. Exactly your symptoms occur when belt a tooth or more out. All sorts of dtcs pop up . How do I know?? Some dipstick who I worked with did 2 cambelts the same with same outcome. Needless to say he left/ got pushed. Useless *****. He didn't learn from his first mistake. He now works at another ford ford dealer. The Ka cambelt is so easy to do with the right alignment tools, even without the tools it's easy enough to do with a dab of paint.
  5. I'm the same, I research most appliances before I buy.
  6. Ford dealer can supply you with a kit depending on age of fusion. The wiring connectors are already in the vehicle. But it will need configuring with diagnostics for it to work. Better option is to put child in rear .
  7. iantt


    Standard to have locking wheel nuts if you have alloy wheels.
  8. That's why you shouldn't have a euro6/6.2 diesel if all your doing is short 10 min journeys.
  9. The bolt will drop off and hit the flywheel probably then Fall to bottom of gearbox housing.
  10. The land rover would have been euro 4 or 5 I'm guessing and not as low emmisions as today's euro 6/6.2. therefore dpf regen would have occurred far less than today's cars/SUVs. Euro 6 2.0 tdci in the edge ( older Peugeot derived engine) probably regens passively every 50-100 miles depending on usage. My Mondeo regens every 60 miles or so. ( I do 14 mile each way trips to work and home ) The euro 6.2 ecoblue engine probably less miles than that depending on usage. This engine is having issues in other ford models with regard to regens and oil dulution
  11. There aren't any torque figures , ford don't list any and autodata don't either