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  1. I had one up my sleeve last week!
  2. does having my visor open a little count as air con on? 🤣🤣
  3. my partner will be the first to complian about fuel economy in her fiesta 1.0 ecoboom . havent said anything about e10 so theres no underlying thoughts about potential running performance or economy in her head.
  4. used my high performance motorcycle on e10 for a tank full and not noticed any diffference in performance. economy i have no idea . just fill up and thrash it. 🤣🤣🤣
  5. The way the yellow and black wires are twisted together makes me think that's a can bus wiring . Has it got a tow bar or did have a towbar with wiring tucked away?
  6. yeah, i didnt word my comment right. its the vehicle that limits the charge to 7kwh .
  7. Even my bag of nails Mondeo has gone up again 3% in a week.
  8. Can only charge using 7kwh charge points
  9. funny you say that. i was talking about my dad able to grow anything and we struggle and end up killing plants. my partner suggested we should task him to grow cannabis. just dont tell him what it us. 😀😀
  10. Called an expansion bottle round here. But,any way. The part number is 1717053 . Plenty on eBay.
  11. Nice carpet. Wish I had that colour. 😂😂😂😂
  12. doesnt need a turbo with that size of engine.
  13. I was surprised by my stop start a few days ago. I moved my car after being parked up all day. Must have gone no more than 50 metres and when I stopped , the stop start cut the engine out. Lol
  14. Anyone know why Clive @stoney871 hasnt been on the forum for over 4 weeks now? Hope he is well and just having a rest.
  15. Sound like clutch squeak. The friction plate screatch sound.
  16. Not exclusive but the word that springs to mind is special. We think your special.
  17. Your a grand master at taking the *****. 😀😀 don't want to ***** on your bonfire but there's quite a few of us grand master's on here. Your not as exclusive as you think.😂😂😂
  18. dont like getting something crawling up my arm while riding my motorcycle home from work. had to stop and take jacket off to find a dozy wasp up the sleeve. good job it didnt sting me . once i had sorted that, out carried on my way to find a multple car /van crash on a set of crossroads. only just happened. maybe that wasp saved my life!! im always carefull and alert at those crossroads as ive seen a few accidents there.
  19. Even I copied the 13 pin in his post. Lol
  20. Some come with just at the 3 pin cable for home charging and some with both the 3pin and the charger cable to charge elsewhere. Don't know if it's trim specific or not. According to the ford website the space saver wheel is an optional extra. I'm wondering if @MasterTechTip knows why some come with 2 cables and others 1
  21. wow. the used market values will eventually drop and quickly. once the chip shortage has resolved its self and new stock arrives again, there will be some dealers with over valued used stock on there hands. we are getting significantly more new vehicles arrive now.
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