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  1. Restraint systems can trigger individually depending on the forces and direction of forces. Roll over bars can trigger independently from the rest of the airbags. New units required then the RCM will need resetting.( RCM can be reset a maximum of 5 times) I had an accident in a customer's car a few years ago and the seat belt pretenioners went off withe the knee air bag. The rest of the airbags didn't deploy.
  2. I doubt the bcm you have will be right one with the receiver, but no harm in trying.
  3. Early fords had aerials but later fords the bcm can pick up the sensors signal no problem.
  4. Yep, one shot and that's it. New ones needed.
  5. Ok, I will see what I can find. This isn't the forum section use really. I would post your question in the focus section to get more reaction/help.
  6. So what advise are you after?
  7. Personally I wouldn't bother. Just get a bluefin remap done and enjoy. I was more than happy with mine for 5 years with just a remap.
  8. You can still get them , but new they are £225. Plenty of new ones listed on eBay. 1697486 is the ford part number I believe.
  9. Maximum oil consumption should be no more than 0.5litre /1000km
  10. At our cinema there's various options, normal, IMAX,4dx and VIP. VIP you get buffet all you can eat/drink then take as much popcorn, hot dogs, snacks and drinks as you like into the auditorium. We 3 did that VIP on Tesco clubcard vouchers so it didn't cost us anything or it would have been £98.10!! Film was average,
  11. Yep. There is no such thing as an engine serial number anymore on fords, so ford and I imagine other manufacturers use the last 7 digits of the vin number
  12. Can't remember my first cinema film it was that long ago!! But I vaguely remember seeing ammityville horror( the original one ) and life of Brian. Our dads used to take it in turns to do the cinema runs as we lived in the villages. Quite often there was 5 ,6 or 7 of us squashed in the car with the parent. I remember there not being enough room and the windows had to wound down for feet to dangle out as kids lay on accros on laps of others. ( That was a triumph 2.5 pi. ) Those were the days!! Ha ha Being dragged to cinema tonight. £32.70 each !!! To see gemini man.
  13. Oh, worse!!! And don't get me started on the ecoblue issues!!
  14. It will be the resistor pack that needs replacing if it still blows on number 4 , a 5 Min job.
  15. All in our compound. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  16. nope, best on the rear. . do a bit of research on oversteer and understeer theñ you will change your view.
  17. i would invest in an elm327 adapter amd download forscan for free. you will read alot more codes than with your reader. elm 327 is about £17
  18. what code reader did you use? the 2.0 tdci suffers from oil pressure soleniod issues, and triggers a fault on high revs/load conditions
  19. I think the problem with the latest ford diesels is the euro 6.2 emmisions regs. To get the emmisions within tollerences the engine has to do dpf regens far more frequently than the euro 6 and earlier. The regen frequency will affect fuel consumption . The fact that the 1.5 tdci has dropped the service interval to 10k , and can need oil change even earlier speaks volumes at dpf frequency. That's just my opinion without any facts to back it up.
  20. Or £20 to do it yourself.