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    I just realised I had joined this forum some time ago, and never actually used it very much. I currently own a modified 51 plate Mk1 focus Ghia, and I am interested in going retro ford for a project car, to learn a bit (the hard way) about restoration :D Looking over the next 6 months or so to try to get a hold of a mk3 Escort, or an XR2 Fiesta to restore :D
  2. water in footwells

    no probs, just after saying i didnt know where you were from I saw your a fellow scottish person hehe! Yeh it tends to be that, theres 2 ways of doing it to be sure, you can get the seal from ford, and that should do the trick, though when i changed the filter last year, I simply positioned the existing seal as best I can and with a lot of sealent to back up "weak" parts of the seal to ensure no water ingress, all was done under the scuttle pannel so its not visible from the outside! (however this has its drawbacks, not looking forward to replacing it!! might be a tad difficult to get off again!) Where abouts in scotland are you from?
  3. water in footwells

    not sure where your from, but on the UK model a common source of water in the footwells comes from the scuttle pannel under the windscreen at the passanger side. Usually people find it happens after a service when the cabin filter is getting changed, if the scuttle pannel is not properly sealed it allows for a steady source of water straight into the car. Can take people a long time to find as its not the first place people think to look , but might be worth checking out, pretty cheap & easy to fix! :P