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  1. It turns out that the actuator rod wasn't likely to be my particular problem. It moved quite freely for me once removed from the car. Although taking it apart gave me a chance to grease all the moving parts and check the motors (using the 12v from the battery). Maybe my problem was stiffness somewhere else in the actuator, much of it was rusty despite the plastic cover, so it may not have been a waste of time. If I continue to have problems i'll have a look at getting the clutch actuator serviced. (I understand this isn't an easy job?) Anyone able to recommend someone in east london (im in E17) who wont rip me off for this?! Further, does anyone know which exact transmission fluid I would need to change the fluid in this car, or where I can get it? The manual says to change it every 40k and i've done 90 without it being changed. Couldn't hurt and I understand its not very hard to do. Its manual transmission fluid as opposed to auto, right? I've included some images I took during disassembly. I thought maybe they could help someone else with the same task. I obviously didn't need to bore out/sand the bushing at all, since the rod wasn't stuck and moved freely, so I just lightly greased it and reassembled. In hindsight, this whole process could be done in less than an hour, although not having done it before, it took me about 3! Thanks guys
  2. Hey, that's just what I was hoping someone would say! great, thanks. I will report back with photos for other peoples benefit :)
  3. Hi! Firstly, big thanks for the walkthrough. I am in the process of trying this now, i just have a couple of questions that maybe you or someone else who's tried this could help me with - I can have found and can remove all 4 of the bolts mounting the automator, as well as the two motor power cables. The only thing I wanted to be sure of before continuing, was removal of the bolt in the image below. It appears I would have to remove it before the whole assembly could be removed, but its fused on there and getting it off is going to be a pain. I'm worried about stripping it. Does it have to be removed to get the automator off or will it slide off anyway? Thanks for any help!! complete novice here.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Lula :)

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