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  1. 👍. Do you have sync2 now? Can you remember where you made the connections for the usb/sd module? Sorry for being a pita Rgds-Rob
  2. Hi all, I have a 2011 focus with front and rear parking sensors with sapp. The display worked before I upgraded to sync 2. I have checked that it is activated on the bcm and ipc. Now I only have sound and no display - can anybody help please? Rgds-Rob
  3. Hi all. Im in the middle of instaling a sync2 into my 2011 focus. Does any of you happen to know where I can get a wiring diagram for the usb/sd//line in module ?(FR3T-14F014-AB) I am not too fussed about "the line in" thanks in advance
  4. Hi jpw. Thanks for the reply. Re sync3 not a chance of me getting it this year, S.W.M.B.O says NO😟. Aslong as i can follow the diagram to the letter 2 will do for now. Happy wife happy life😂
  5. Hi all- excellent write up. Can I just ask is the wiring diagram the same for the sync 2? I know I need to add the gpsm. I do have bvc in my car. Many thanks-Rob
  6. Hi, was your battery going flat? And did you try jump starting by any chance? If the answer is yes. this is what you have to do 1 charge your battery 2Remove the abs module multi plug 3 connect the battery back up only temporary 4connect an OBD READER PREFERABLY with FORSCAN. Clear all the codes, remove battery "again" reconnect the abs multi plug, reconnect battery for the last time Then you should be able to start your car Hope this helps
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums robbo67 :)

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