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  1. I know! It's ridiculous isn't it! It was covered under warranty as i've not had a year yet. The deemed it to be a faulty BCM and i collected it today!
  2. Can anyone take a look at these codes and tell me what they think? Ford doesn't know what the issues are and my Management light doesn't always come on. I have also had hill start assist not available, TPMS malfunction with light illuminated and also the Traction control light on. I'm at a loss!
  3. Hey, Even if the tax is free it won't auto renew. When you go to the website to renew the tax it's the same process however the price is £00.00. I used to have the same car on a 64 plate and weirded me out the first time too! Jon
  4. Hi All i have my management light on and have the below codes. It's at the dealer as is still under warranty. Any ideas? Thanks! car 2.txt
  5. Hi Everyone, So this is my first time posting in the Escort forum! I am in a position where i could potentially buy the above, I've always wanted one but i'll get to the point. Now i'm wanting to know any tricks and hidden things to look for when i get to buy it. I've asked for pictures of arches as my partners fiesta (R reg) suffers from this and unsure if the escort does too, also stuff like seat belt anchorages (2014 it failed an MOT which was gone and passed on the same day). Is there anything Major i need to look for? It'll be off the road for around 6 weeks as i'm going to change the car on my insurance renewal. It's been serviced regularly, had a clutch fitted in the last 2 years, brakes changed and also fuel filter replaced. So for £895 it's a steal! So there is some time to get some issues fixed before it goes on the road and i start running around those country lanes with the top down! Ill get some pictures up of it later one when im home . Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Jon.
  6. Hello! Just got myself a grand cmax and I love it. Now the radio has my address book but if I say dial then a name it says that my address book is empty. And streaming clicks occasionally. I think it just needs an update to kick it back in, my fiesta had issues updated and they all went. How do I check the firmware version then where do I get the latest firmware from and how would I update it? Ive done a little googling however nothing comes about :(
  7. Hi everyone, buying a grand cmax major upgrade from a fiesta! The middle seat won't come back from the folded down position. Could this be the issue? its the only thing we haven't tried and if they can't fix it cheap the car will go o auction and I will loose a car that's titanium but with titanium x and more spec! Any ideas?
  8. I forgot i posted! It turned out to be the washer bottle. The water went bad and stunk. Ford cleared out for free :D
  9. hello, Dont know if anyone can help got a 64 plate fiesta and the vents are smelling of rotten eggs. It happens if the air con is on or off and i've tested by leaving air con off for a week and on for a week and still there both trials. The only thing that concerns me is that my dad noticed a very loud rumble from the exhaust, it's the ecoboost model and i thought it was just the working of the car. However it could not be? Car's booked in for wednesday. Thanks!
  10. Hi, it has got to be the race red colour! -a deer ran into mine :( i have the front wing, washer bottle, bumper and grills replaced coming to £1800 claimed insurance car wasn't written off. How old is the car? Thanksfully I part exchanged mine against a newer ecoboost model as it wasn't the same. Thanks Jon.
  11. Hi everyone, Bought my partners a r reg fiesta lx and am now looking to get rid of the horrible cassette radio and speakers. Want to add speakers into the boot (doesn't have them but will mode it too) Anyone got some advise for parts? Looking for 4 speakers that have tweeters built in because the ones in the car are broken. An amp Radio that has the option for bluetooth and rica for front, rear and sub Looking to add a sub later on not too bothered at the minute! Thanks Jon.
  12. What's the point in posting here. No one wants to help you.
  13. There's pretty much nothing wrong with it :( You may know - on a r reg the fuel gage moves quite erratically and the rang isn't brilliant. About 150miles per half tank. Servicing it at the weekend so perhaps this will fix it! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  14. Hi Everyone - So alongside my 64 plate, i now have an old R reg mk4 as a little project for my partner. I have couple of questions: Can i add the boot release button, my friend has it in his mk5 and it doesn't work so any ideas on that also? Think it's a fuse but yet again i cannot find a diagram that matches the fuses boxes, i don't want to drop the fuse box for no reason. Where can i find a god damn owners manual for the fuse numbers? apparently the interior one you can drop it out and some more fuses "appear". Mine is 1998 and his 2001 so i assume they should be quite similar, but neither of us have an owners manual. Unless i can get one from ford? Cambelt and clutch easy to change? I also was wondering if anyone managed to find a Haynes manual on the internet? I swear i have one at home but i cannot find it! Thanks everyone, help is very much appreicated!