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  1. Engine bay ignition live

    The orange circled one is ignition live with delay when engine switched off 30 sec or more as cooling fan black circled is ignition live switches off when engine is i have fitted my drl’s on fogs lights in black and switchbacks in orange


  4. Halfords Installing a Dash Cam?

    fit it yourself as its an easy job and the hardwire kits don't cost £20 and its a 30min job to do i have fitted them in mine and other people's cars
  5. Installing a usb and aux port on centre dash

    i also have the usb/aux switch fitted
  6. Under Seat/Boot Sub

    you could get the focus stealth box i have one fitted to my boot as i didnt want to loose the space
  7. pull your oil dipstick out if it stops its the oil filter housing common issue on car
  8. Hidden dash ports

    i moved my aux/usb there so much easier to reach when needed
  9. Mk2.5 Ford Focus USB retrofit

    Hi i have had stereo about 7/8 months now and i love it such better sound than standard sony and sat nav function in reverse camera works along side the reverse sensor's the sensors run off there own sounder which sits behind rear passenger seat drivers side so still works i use music on micro sd card and usb stick so no need fro cd's anymore which is a god send easier just dropping tunes to memory card
  10. Surgical spirits does the job i use it when i get parts
  11. Mk2.5 Ford Focus USB retrofit

    i have changed to the Eonon GA5161 silver or GA5162 black has sat nav/dvd/usb and micro sd card slot to use great stereo also takes reverse camera
  12. Mk2.5 Ford Focus USB retrofit

    You can use a ford usb music box for the usb but if your wanting a ipod to play you will need ipod clasic as the software on newer ipod stop it working with the music box i had one running off my sony 6 disc changer unit oval shape Ford usb music box number :-1746768
  13. There is always someone that take the mick never take it to heart half of them are half whits who don't have anything better in life than give people grief and belittle people just ignore them
  14. Eonon Android radio

    i have this in silver and have fitted reverse camera great addition to the reverse sensors i bought the led number plate lights and mounted camera on one side and doesn't effect the light at all