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  1. Very Watery Oil

    Had a look again today and yeah seems very watery. When you wipe the dipstick with a tissue it looks relatively normal at first but within a second or 2 it seems to have pretty much dried leaving more a dirty water stain than an oil stain. No sign of gunk when removing the oil filer cap that I could see. I did find it the boot however half a bottle of 5w40 which the previous owner must have been using, think it's ment to be 5w30 that engine uses if I'm correct? Yes you're right I agree. I have advised him to change it over the weekend. At the very least it won't do any damage and if it is just the oil that's the problem from being old/wrong oil whatever it needs to be done.
  2. Very Watery Oil

    Ok so really even though it is possible for there to be a head gasket issue, the likelyhood of it is actually very small from just watery oil alone? From what I remember when I had a look there was no oil in the coolant either which hopefully is a further good indiciation. Maybe just recommending an oil and filter change and to keep an eye on it over the coming weeks may be enough so in the meantime.
  3. Focus mk2 climate control panel change

    I did this mod before of changing the standard climate knobs to the round ones, extremely easy to do. Just get a pliers and literally pull off the the climate knobs and replace with new ones. Took less than 2 minutes to do really. I had originally looked at the option of fitting the electronic climate control but when I looked into it there was quite a lot of work involved and the cost really wasn't worth it. Just installing those round climate control knobs really cleaned up the interior.
  4. Very Watery Oil

    No quite the oposite actually. The oil level seemed a bit on the low side when I checked it. And no obvious smell of diesel from it either. My mate did say that when he originally looked at the car it was quite low on coolant, but that they then changed the t/bet & w/pump and refilled the coolant accordingly. That's why I was questioning a possible head gasket issue, but the coolant has not gone down since and there doesn't seem to be any visible white smoke from the exhaust to indicate a head gasket or hardly any smoke really coming from it at all.
  5. Aftermarket radio head unita

    I haven't got one but from what I've heard they are ment to be a serious bit of kit. Obviously it varies between different brands but I've heard good things about the Eonan units, which many members on here seem to have fitted. Also they seem to provide relatively good aftersales should you need it. There is cheaper options on ebay but I've heard some of them having very long boot up times or crap screens with a lot of glare. If you get a decent one I'd say they are well worth the money. It's something I intend to invest before the end of the year.
  6. Very Watery Oil

    Ok good, I was fearing for his sake could be head gasket related, but there doesn't seem to be any other signs such white smoke from the exhaust etc. I'll recommend to him to just change the oil. Cheers lads
  7. Very Watery Oil

    A mate of mine bought a 1.8 TDCi Focus on Saturday. A lovely 2009 Titanium model which seems extremely clean. He told me the t/belt & water pump had just been replaced and a new thermostat also. I was just having a quick look over of the car after he bought it and when I checked the oil on the dipstick I noticed it was extremely watery. When you wipe it on a paper towel it seems even more watery. The car seems to drive very well, hardly any smoke and quite responsive. There doesn't seem to be any "milkyness" which is often associated with issues with the head gasket which I looked for. Is this something he should be concerned with or signs to look out for? Many thanks
  8. Headlight bulb upgrade

    5000K should be considerably brighter than 6000k as the higher temperature you go from 4300k the more lumens you tend you loose. Also the warmed colour of the 5000k should be far better in the rain. Are the LEDs not ment to have disastrous beam spread in comparison to even HIDs in reflector lamps?
  9. Focus Mk2 Faclift Radio Fascia/Trim

    All tabs seem to be intact, and no joy with trying to force it in, feel like it could brake or snap. I might try remove the radio and reinstall it again in the hope it isn't pushed in far enough although it "appears" to be fine.
  10. Headlight Upgrade

    Unfortunately I don't think you will get that true HID Xenon look with halogen bulbs no matter what colour temperature they claim to be. At most those xenon imitation halogen bulbs just have a layer of blue film over them. So you may make the headlights look less yellow but you won't really get a full white/blue colour and you will also reduce your light output because of this. One option may be to try retrofit a projector unit inside your headlamp so you can use HID bulbs. Again this won't be fully legal without installing washers and self levellers but would be a vast improvement over HID bulbs in a standard Focus reflector headlamp set up which will create a large amount of glare. Loads of info on doing this mod on theretrofitsource.com
  11. My part finally arrived for fitting a USB & Aux lead to the Focus Mk2 facelift radio and I installed it successfully following the Stoney's guide, thanks pal. The only problem is I can't get the radio surround fascia/trim back on properly. I removed it easily but it won't secure back on fully now. I did not brake any of the retaining clips or anything like that but in particular I can't push it in fully where the aircon and recirculation buttons etc are. Is there a knack to it or something? I watched a few videos on youtube but in all of them it seemed to just go back on with ease when pushed. I have spent well over an hour at it with no joy. Thanks
  12. Headlight bulb upgrade

    As far as I'm aware Osram nightbreakers and Philips extreme vision are both road legal. If your light output has reduced or is sh*t I would always start with changing the bulbs first. Supposedly halogen bulbs can loose 10-20% brightness per year. If you install new bulbs and the light output still isn't what it should be the next port of call I'd recommend is testing the voltage. Even as little as a 5% drop in voltage can lead to a 15% reduction in brightness.
  13. Very Poor on Fuel

    Cheers for all the responses! Ok sounds like the 17'' alloys could be playing a part at the least. Wouldn't of thought to that extent though. Was wondering that myself, is the MK2.5 Focus lighter in general than the Mk2? I would of thought there would be very little between them. The car that's using more fuel is a bit fumey on start up but doesn't massively seem to be running rich...maybe something to do with the maf sensor or something?
  14. Very Poor on Fuel

    Thanks for the reply CyprusPluto. Both are serviced by local indie garage. Tyre pressure is checked on the one with poor economy every week or 2, the good one not sure but doubt as frequently. The one with good economy has standard 16'' steel wheels while the one with bad has 17'' Ford alloys. Could that be any link?... I would imagine there could be differences because of this but would of imagined only being minimal?
  15. Very Poor on Fuel

    Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately driving style or location shouldn't be much of a factor as I swapped cars for a week to see on my route to work and noticed a difference. On my weekly work run I filled one car with €40 worth or petrol which lasted the 5 days which a small bit left over, the other I filled with €40 at the start of the week but had to top up again with €10 which also was practically empty by the weekend. I always get fuel from the same place as well. As for gearboxes I am unsure. The one which is better on fuel is a Mk2.5 Style spec, the other is Mk2 Zetec spec, both are 2008. Would different gearboxes be used between these models? I really am baffled as to what could be the cause. Obviously I would like to cure it as one is going to end up costing quite a bit more than the other to run.