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  1. Correct Colour Code For S1600 Alloys

    Mini dealership don't do the wheels themselves. Used another firm who collected the wheel and powdercoated it offsite, apparently they did use frozen white. Promised to use some other alloy wheel specialist who claim to know my wheel and the correct colour lets just hope this time they paint the correct wheels this time! Apologies as this is off topic now but I'm having several other problems with the car. The doors don't sit flush with the bodywork, the drivers door is worse, only noticed it when someone commented that I hadn't shut my door properly, when it was shut. They have tried to adjust it but still not flush. As this is my first fiesta for 20 years I don't know if this is normal but cant believe the panel fit can be so poor. I also asked them to look at the steering wheel as it was off centre, car turns right when wheel centered, they claim they have centered it as best they can but was no better so they sent it for wheels to be tracked slightly better now but still not right and its bugging me. Theres also an annoying knocking and rumbling noise from the rear nearside which they claim not to be able to hear and the local ford garage say the suspension is fine. The noise is worse at slow speeds, even girlfriend can hear it so it must be bad! At first I ignored it as I thought it was a characteristic of the car with it having lowered and stiffer suspension but when it only coming from one side? They've had my car for 4 weeks doing all the repairs so I'm starting to wish I hadn't bought the car, as they cant seem to fix anything. I only bought the fiesta on an impulse as I had an unused number plate that spells fiesta.
  2. Correct Colour Code For S1600 Alloys

    They have suggested this but I don't want all four wheels a creamy white. I want the car to stay original, as far as I'm aware the wheels should be the same white as the bodywork, frozen white.
  3. Correct Colour Code For S1600 Alloys

    Cheers for that :) . I did wonder if the code for powder coating the wheels could be different to the bodywork. they say they done them frozen white but they don't match.
  4. Hi hope someone can help me. Bought a fiesta s1600 134 couple of months back and having problems with the mini dealership that I bought it from with the colour of the wheels. (theyve had my car for 4 weeks now!) The paint was flaking on one of the wheels showing that the colour underneath was a brighter white. Basically the wheel had been poorly resprayed a creamy colour rather than a bright white, they agreed to powder coat it. Went to pick it up last week and it was still the same, collected it again today and now both wheels on that side of car have been powder coated a creamier white than the other two. Looks like they powder coated the wrong wheel the first time. Idiots! So I now have 2 wheels the wrong shade of white. The are now asking me to find out what the correct colour code is for the wheels. I just know its frozen white? Local ford garage in barnsley have been unhelpful and not rung me back hence asking on here. Has anyone else had problems matching the colour on these alloys. Im afraid they going to end up making all 4 wheels this creamy colour instead of the same colour of the bodywork. Thanks in advance.