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  1. Happy Birthday deanoklaus!

  2. Great cars.... I believe a lot of people will buy them for their value. My worry is that they will become too common like any audi or bmw. However on a good note, there will be more mustang owners to hang about with :-)
  3. deanoklaus

    Wales Meet 2015

    I have seen few posts about ford meet in Wales but looks like not a lot has happened. Please let me know any ideas of where we could hold the meeting. I think April 2015 would be perfect. Maybe arrange a nice group drive through south wales and finally park up and enjoy cars, music and food. I am willing to arrange it and drive it forward just need to know if people are interested. I look forward to you reply peeps
  4. I am really struggling here....... No mustang owners, no monthly meetings. Perhaps I should arrange something myself and see if you lovely people want to attend with your Fords. Mmmmmm I think I might be onto comething here...... Good night all
  5. Thank you Sean. My thought was, if I was going to do it I might as well do it properly.... Hehehehehehe.
  6. Hi All I am new to this club. I was wandering if there are any mustang owners here. Also are there any Mustang or Ford meetings, drives, shows, etc. and when? Cheers
  7. Hi All I have just joined Ford Club. I have never owned a ford before so I thought I try it. I went and bought a Ford Mustang 2010 Shelby. Well, I've been to few shows with it but not nearly as many as I would like to. If you guys are meeting up somewhere or if there are any mustang owners in this forum I would love to hear from you.... Cheers
  8. Hi all I am new to this forum. Does anyone know of any Mustang gatherings in UK in the near future? Cheers
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums deanoklaus :)

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