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  1. Happy Birthday deanoklaus!

  2. deanoklaus

    Any Mustang Owners Out There?

    Great cars.... I believe a lot of people will buy them for their value. My worry is that they will become too common like any audi or bmw. However on a good note, there will be more mustang owners to hang about with :-)
  3. Hahahahahaha. Really made me laugh.
  4. deanoklaus

    Wales Meet 2015

    I have seen few posts about ford meet in Wales but looks like not a lot has happened. Please let me know any ideas of where we could hold the meeting. I think April 2015 would be perfect. Maybe arrange a nice group drive through south wales and finally park up and enjoy cars, music and food. I am willing to arrange it and drive it forward just need to know if people are interested. I look forward to you reply peeps
  5. I am really struggling here....... No mustang owners, no monthly meetings. Perhaps I should arrange something myself and see if you lovely people want to attend with your Fords. Mmmmmm I think I might be onto comething here...... Good night all
  6. deanoklaus


  7. deanoklaus

    First-Time Ford Owner In Bedfordshire

    Welcome Guitarbloke.
  8. deanoklaus

    My New Shelby Mustang

  9. deanoklaus

    Ford Escort 1600 Gl Automatic

    Welcome to the club.
  10. Thank you Sean. My thought was, if I was going to do it I might as well do it properly.... Hehehehehehe.
  11. Hi All I am new to this club. I was wandering if there are any mustang owners here. Also are there any Mustang or Ford meetings, drives, shows, etc. and when? Cheers
  12. Hi All I have just joined Ford Club. I have never owned a ford before so I thought I try it. I went and bought a Ford Mustang 2010 Shelby. Well, I've been to few shows with it but not nearly as many as I would like to. If you guys are meeting up somewhere or if there are any mustang owners in this forum I would love to hear from you.... Cheers
  13. deanoklaus

    Mustang At Ford Fair Silverstone??

    Hi all I am new to this forum. Does anyone know of any Mustang gatherings in UK in the near future? Cheers
  14. Welcome to the Ford forums deanoklaus :)

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