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  1. No it's definitely 40 not 50 took 44.26 litres to the brim so must be 40 and 50 as I thought, just checks my receipt
  2. Ok that previous post is hard to read my iPhone decided to not put spaces and change words, technology for you.
  3. Just noticed after doing a full fill up that the tank is smaller in my new one, could be due to the fact the old one was a 2.0 and this is a 1.5 but it's a 40 litre tank where as the other was 50 happy days though still getting nearly 500 miles to a tank but only costing £56 to brim it!!
  4. I'm still not sold on the facelift as of yet, I think I preferred the back end of the previous model. Although I guess being a different colour also makes a difference and the front is still growing on me. Going to give the car a good wash and polish wax ect tomorrow weather permitting so hopefully it'll look good currently looking rather dirty.
  5. I got that with my 2.0tdci where as with my 1.5tdci its hidden.
  6. Yeah it is slightly worrying first time as it gets very close the the cars in front or behind but it's gets it in perfect
  7. Well gave the assisted park mode a try tonight and I'm sold on it! Very easy to use and picked a fairly tight parallel space and it put me in dead straight and tight to the kerb in 1 go. Very strange not steering and relying on the car but I'm impressed. Also gave the assisted lane guidance ago and in both modes it's good, vibrates on alert only though the steering wheel and visual warnings on the dash screen. Then with assist it gently steers away from the line but also follows the line incase your cornering I it doesn't steer you out the corner. All in all very impressive usable technology.
  8. Well so far so good back home and seems fine now, strange I'm assuming it was down to the battery
  9. Yeah and you'll all laugh as much as I did before walking out his words were.. I've cleared the fault codes which we weren't sure what they were as we haven't seen them before and road tested the car and it's fine... I asked what caused it the reply was 'as it's such a new car it's probably just a bug in the system' I asked if that was the technical term and realised no matter what I say or do they haven't a clue so collected and it was ok for the few miles back to work will see on way home and if need be go to a different garage.
  10. They've called to say it's been road tested they've cleared the stored errors and it's fine... I have a feeling it'll be going back
  11. If I had bought the car Id of gone mad at there poor service, I expect a car when they say can't look tiday leave it with me and the car has broke with 79 miles ok the clock.
  12. Hopefully be sorted today, was told there to busy and can't get it looked at and couldn't tell me when either nor supply me with a curtosey car... Thankfully have a contact for a senior service manager in there head office low and behold if they can't fix today I'll have a hire car delivered to my work! Why they couldn't do that this morning I don't know!