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  1. Debadging

    I debadged my Fiesta a while ago, but when someone crashed into me, the repair centre ended up fiting the Fiesta writing again. It does make the back end look a little tidy, but if you are planning on doing it BE CAREFULL NOT TO SCRATCH THE BODYWORK!! I did it by accident although trying to take my time, but clumsyness got the better of me. Just ge a hair dryer (not too hot otherwise you could damage the paint) and a small thin screwdriver with a bit of masking tape around it to avoid getting the sharp bits near the bodywork. You will need to re-tape the screwdriver at some point too. If your worried about the time it may come to selling, you can easily just stick them back on too (or if you dont like it lol). Im sure someone else has said this in their post, but I didn't really look through it :P sorry if im repeating what someone else already said or if you know this already. Im just happy to try and help out May try it again soon though
  2. Hi all! I have just ordered myself a HID kit for my mk 6 with some new headlights that have projector lamps and a duel headlight setup (when I switch to full beams, the low beams switch off). These lights were origionally made in Japan where HID's are not legal I think and there is a sticker in both Japanese and English saying "HID not allowed". I am assuming that this is because of the countries restrictions to HID's as im sure that the HID kit will work fine with the projector lamps, and that because it is a single beam Kit it wont effect the lighting when swithched to high beam... or so I hope! The new headlights I have are those "angel eye" projectors (Pictures of the Black Panther comming soon :P ). Has anyone done this on their Fiesta or know more about HID Kits who could be able to give me some advice on this at all? Also if anyone has, do you need to realign the headlight beam once the HID's are fitted?? Many Thanks!!
  3. Puma speed (www.pumaspeed.co.uk). If you've got money, this would be a dream site for all things Ford tuning!
  4. Coloured Ford badges

    Hey! Does anyone know where it is possible to get coloured Ford badges/emblems? I saw a Focus ST a little while ago in orange and it had orange ford logos on it. Looked sweet! Anyone know any info about getting them or if there are any other colours that you can get them in? (Im really after a green set for my black Fiesta :P ) Many thanks!!
  5. Air filter

    This may sound like a daft question, but how do you manage to get the mk6 induction unit off?? I have taken out the screws on the outside edges of the case, but it seems that there is a clip or something on the back?