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  1. Hi Phil Alloy Wheel protectors I.M.O. are a waste of money & look a bugger, as the wheel collects more crud. I can recommend tyres that have bump protectors (that's a small un-obtrusive lip), these are the way to go. My alloys are close curb rims too, which look ok but have the disadvantage of near scrapes with high kerb-stones. There are a few brands of tyres that have these bump/wheel protectors built-in you just have to shop around, it's a very personal choice. You can PM me if you need any useful web-links to learn what's best for your car & how you drive it. PS I'm not in the tyre industry but I know a fair bit about them. Cheers BarryT
  2. Hi Anthony Just 3 questions; What is the wear like on those tyres have you got on those neat rims? Why are you selling? Would I need to pay more insurance on the extras you have done? Cheers Barry T.
  3. Follow up; Try Vospers, here's the link;
  4. Thanks for the link and intro Steve