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  1. Thanks off to the lakes for a week so it will rain and ill have a look at the seals on the rear lights. Ill keep you posted.
  2. Dissapointing to read all this. Im on my fourth straight fiesta with no leaks until now. Its a late 2013 bought with 1700 miles on it and from day one(had it a month) its been misting up... Its used as a driving school car and its making my life so much more difficult... Looked under the spare and it was two inches deep...spare is rusted where its been sitting on top. I cant afford time off to get it seen to as when it goes in i cant work. Seriously !Removed! off with it all and i plan to test all the areas it could be this weekend and ill post any findings. Thanks for the help.
  3. Thanks Ian I thought nothing of it when buying....and it wouldnt bother most people but in my job its a disaster waiting to happen.
  4. Apologies if this has already been covered but this is making my life a nightmare. Im on my fourth straight diesel fiesta all from new all covered over 110,000 miles.No problems no clutches nothing. I bought a 2013 1.6 titanium x recently.2000 miles from trust is immaculate. For a driving school there are a lot of things i really dont like about it like rear visibility with the larger mirror and rear tinted glass but i can live with them but this power button......... It wont start up after a stall unless it is totally stationary...Most times a pupil stalls the car is going so slow it is not a problem but the odd time they are moving at a rolling speed in a place you just dont want to stop. Old car drop the clutch or turn the key and you can continue and discuss later. This car i have to stop dead. Ford tell me they are all like this inc focus...i wonder if this is true and if so can i get a turn key retro fitted. Many thanks and i would appreciate any input. Mark
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums atavachron :)

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  6. I got a very first...I am going to bed now.Happy.