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  1. 1.6 Zetec Se Engine Rebuild?

    Hi, I have read odd bits & pieces where it has been stated that these engines (the black-top all alloy ones)cannot be rebuilt. Can anyone confirm if this is definitely the case? My focus has only covered 73k, but I can tell that the engine has developed a faint knock when accelerating that wasnt present when it was younger. I wondered if new big end shells could be fitted to it now rather than wait until it gets really bad & throw an otherwise good engine away? The engine doesnt burn oil, so is otherwise ok. Anyone got any definitive answers please. . . ?

    Hi, my daughter's ka had this problem of pulling to the right & some vibration like wheel imbalance but ONLY when accelerating. The general opinion was suspension bushes wich were duly changed to no avail. It turned out to be the near side driveshaft inner joint badly worn. Apparently it was bone dry which had caused the excessive wear. I have read of someone else with a focus also experiencing these symptoms & his turned out to be the inner driveshaft joint as well. Might be worth a look if you've ruled out things like tyres etc. . . . .
  3. Variable wipers mod?

    I suppose the grass is always greener as they say, but you're right about less things to go wrong - my car's been very reliable in the 4+ years Ive had it because there isnt much TO go wrong! Joking aside, I do miss the ABS I had on my previous car & probably would make it a definite on my next one. . . . .
  4. Variable wipers mod?

    Cheers for the info - I can't believe I've put up with it all this time over a simple switch replacement & I've ordered one already! All I need now are electric door mirrors, air con & heated front screen!!!
  5. Variable wipers mod?

    Hi everyone, my 2002 focus 1.6 zetec was made at the time when Ford stripped a lot of bells & whistles from this model. One thing thats driving me nuts is the lack of variable intermittant wipers, - has anyone had any sucess in giving this model variable intermittant wipers? I'm always switching from constant to intermittant & back again instead of just dialling up the optimum interval. If I could get the right column switch & relay, is the wiring already present? What if any model(s) have this feature as standard in order for me to get the parts? Hope someone can help. . . . . ?
  6. 1.6 performance / pinking / revs not dropping off

    Thanks for the ideas, I'll take another look at the weekend & keep you posted. . . . . .
  7. Hi, I'm new to this forum but I'm hoping someone can shed some light on the symptoms I have with my 2002 1.6 focus. 1. When it's cold, the car goes really well, but when its fully warmed up, it definately seems to require a heavier right foot to make it go & has a bit of a flat spot. 2. It's also prone to pinking when pulling away. 3. The engine revs take too long to drop off when changing gear. This causes the revs to surge slightly when I drop the clutch. I think it might be an emmissions problem, or maybe the mixture is generally running a bit weak.(?) I cant find any obvious split pipes & I've looked through the haynes book, but didnt find that very helpful at all. It tells you how to remove things, but not really why you might want to in the first place! I've heard mention of MAF sensors needing a clean but the 1.6 engine doesn't seem to have one at all (?!) If it does, it certainly isnt next to the air cleaner where the 1.8/2.0 engine one is. Any help would be very much appreciated!