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  1. Hello,

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  2. Which Looks Best ? 3 Or 5 Door Mk7

    As an apparently lone(ish!) voice in the wilderness, I'm going to say that I REALLY like the 5-door. Which is just as well, since we have one (not because we couldn't get a 3-door or we were forced by practicalities into choosing the 5-door either). Actually, I don't understand how so many people can say the 3 door looks "much" better than the 5 door (as though the latter is ugly or something) because to me, both versions look lovely and they're not vastly different from one another aesthetically (I mean, look at the Corsa by comparison and how different the 3 door and 5 door are from each other! Even the previous-shape Fiesta looked much more different as a 3 door than a 5 door than I think the Mk7 does - on those, didn't the tailgate seem more vertical on the 5-door than the 3-door, like it was partway to being a Fusion?). Of course, my preference is purely personal like anyone else's, but to me, the colour choice (and, according to the colour, the trim level choice - i.e. chrome detailing or not) makes more of a difference to how much I like the overall effect than the number of doors. Around my area, the 5 doors sell as well as the 3 doors it seems, so other buyers must quite like them too!
  3. New Member & New Owner

    Sorry folks - I've removed my post as it was in this thread in error - I only just realised and have no idea how it happened, since I wasn't even reading this thread at the time I posted it!
  4. Just thought I'd mention it, because it's quite a lot more informative than the old preview site and gives a good look at what's different (and has become different) since we first saw the US was having the Fiesta too. The prices are (as ever for the US) annoyingly low from a UK perspective! The poor things still have to wait until summer 2010 for them to go on sale, though. It's at: http://www.fordvehicles.com/cars/fiesta/ They've changed the names of the colours again (some of the colours could be different now, I think, unless they just look darker on the US site) and there's an obviously new one - a metallic yellow! It looks to me like the glovebox area of the US Fiesta is different (maybe airbag-related in some way?). There seems to be a mid-section finished like the top, with quite a big recess in it, and the glovebox seems to be more underneath the dash than on ours - or am I imagining it? I see the lower model(s) don't get those unusual LED driving lights, but black trims taking up the whole area of them and their chrome surrounds. Looks like the 4-door is cheaper than the 5-door (they don't appear to get a 3-door) and the Zetec S-style rear spoiler is called the "Euro spoiler"! They don't appear to have projector headlamps either (like the Zetec, Zetec S and Titanium do here) unless I overlooked them. Lots of other little differences but it certainly still looks a lot like our Fiesta 5 door (obviously the sedan is a different kettle of fish, looks-wise, though).
  5. Well that's jut peachy!

    We too had a mystery assault on our rear bumper - it was particularly peculiar because we didn't know until the next day, when as we sat down in the car there was a massive "plink" noise and the part which forms the rear edge of the right rear wheel arch had suddenly popped out by about 1 cm from its normal position. Close examination showed a tiny scrape along the horizontal line contour on that corner of the bumper, and a tiny crack in the red perspex over the bumper-mounted foglight. Whilst I couldn't move the bumper back to the correct position, a nice bloke at the Ford garage did it for free with an expertly-aimed slap, and I bought some genuine Ford touch-up paint from another Ford garage (as ours didn't have any) on eBay. I'm trying to ignore the little hairline crack for now (the foglight still works fine). Goodness knows who did it - we'd been parked in a supermarket car park (always those, isn't it?!) the day before and it was nearly dark and raining hard when we left, which would be why we suspected nothing. The temporary (and delayed!) deformation of the bumper seemed to be a bit much for it to have been a trolley so I guess it was a car. Goodness knows how they couldn't see a frozen white Fiesta! No details were left of course - though maybe they couldn't see any damage if they actually looked, since it was very difficult to see (and the bumper hadn't popped out of shape at that point).
  6. Then 2.5% VAT will go back onto every car next year on 1 January, presumably, as well. A month or so back, What Car did a group test of about 10 superminis because of the launch of the new VW Polo, and were quite outspoken about Ford's frequent price increases on the Fiesta, effectively suggesting they were milking the Fiesta's success as an excuse for it, because even the traditionally-expensive Polo was, in brand new model guise, effectively cheaper (mind you, I read the other day (in What Car again, I think) that they make the VW Polo in South Africa for the UK, so maybe they can dodge Euro related rises, which What Car didn't seem aware of at the time). They rated the Fiesta second, Polo first in the overall results primarily because of the Fiesta's price (though they mentioned that the possibility of big dealer discounts saved its bacon). Interestingly the Mazda 2 came last, as they criticised its suspension (at least in the version tested) as being too hard for British roads. There were a couple of odd statements in the test though - I remember them saying the Skoda Fabia is a ten year old model - well surely, that was the previous shape? (Don't know how much they changed it underneath, admittedly, but a totally new body is quite noticeable!).
  7. New Fiestas - where manufactured?

    To add what I know, it seems that 5 doors mostly come from Valencia. At a certain point in the car's build process (but it seems to vary precisely when) they go onto a Ford website called ETIS which you can join for free (though you have to register) and then you can find out where the car was built (and on what date) by entering its VIN or even its registration number. Search for ETIS on the forum.
  8. New Fiesta. Bluetooth and Colour?

    Another vote for white here, too. Our Zetec (5 door) is white and it looks a treat. As others have said, white doesn't show the dirt at all badly - even when it is grimy, as soon as you're more than a couple of feet away, it looks like it's clean! (it's like silver in that respect, but it looks a lot nicer on a Fiesta than silver does, IMHO). We had a dark blue metallic car before and it was a nightmare to keep looking clean by comparison. Also, we're still basking in the novelty of people coming up to us and paying us compliments about what a nice-looking car it is (whether that's because it's a Fiesta or the white as well, I don't know, but it happens in the street when it's parked, and when people come to the door at home as well). Never had that happen with any other car!
  9. Newbie Fiesta spec questions

    I think the flat grey you've seen is probably Avalon, which is a sort of slightly greenish-grey metallic just half a shade darker than the more champagne colour of Spa. I prefer Spa of the two, but it certainly seems rarer. I think both benefit from being on a Zetec or Titanium spec car as the chrome trim lifts the colour - Avalon looks particularly dull on lower-spec Fiestas but there seem to be a lot around in my area in that colour. It's all a bit of a personal, subjective thing of course. The weather (sunny or not) also plays a role in how colours like this look.
  10. Air Conditioner Issue

    It comes on automatically if you have the airflow direction set to "windscreen only", so that's probably where you have it. It turns off normally with a touch of the button and I think even clicking the direction knob one stop towards the next setting also prevents this happening. Oh - and welcome! Which engine and colour did you go for? Presumably this was one the dealer already had in stock (have you seen the waiting times around here?!).
  11. Problems With Car?

    I'm not 100% sure, but I think that the 1.25 (which the original poster has) and the 1.4 that you have may have a different gearbox. Ours is a 1.25 and it has the IB5 gearbox - not sure if that one's also used in the 1.4. Anyway, the IB5 on ours is a bit notchy/reluctant to go into first gear (it also quite likes popping out of reverse initially unless it's put into it like you really mean it). Ours hasn't stiffened up in any way, though. We had it checked by the dealer recently and everything checked out fine, apparently.
  12. I know it's been mentioned before and apologies if somebody's already given all the details, but I saw this text on a car broker's site and thought it might be of interest. Effective from 5th October production: Edge has replaced the Style from October 2009. It has standard manual aircon’. Studio now has power front windows as standard, and Econetic gets manual aircon’ as standard (no impact on C02 rating). The Zetec S will get heated front screen, side skirts, alloy foot pedal all become standard Options deleted from 5th October production: privacy glass on Edge, Econetic, Zetec S (still available as part of street pack), smokers pack, factory carpet mats, detachable factory towbar, keyless entry (still available as part of tech pack), power rear windows 5drs (still available as part of TitmX pack), autowipers/headlamps on Edge & Econetic, bluetooth (bluetooth/USB remains), 15” 4 spoke alloys (Zetec), metallic foot pedals, side skirts, heated front screen (now standard on Zetec S)
  13. I get these attacks of curiosity from time to time and I just noticed that there still don't seem to be any acceleration and top speed figures given in Ford's info about the 1.4 Auto in the Mk7. I know autos knock these figures down, but it would be interesting to know how the performance compares with the 1.4 manual and the 1.25 82ps manual...
  14. At work or at Home

    I'm at work - I wouldn't say I'm bored though - this is supposed to be my lunch break but I don't really get one; I just type REALLY fast! Reading this forum keeps me sane(ish) and able to carry on working the rest of the time!!
  15. Sound Upgrade in MK7

    I thought that initially on the first picture too, but actually on looking at the others, it IS a Mk7, a 5-door. See the little extra side windows (at both ends of the Mk7 5 dr, rather than just at the front as on the Mk7 3 dr, or just at the back, as on the Mk6 5 dr)? Clearly the date's not set right on the camera, though!