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  1. Part Ex My Ford Fiesta Titanium

    Hey, its a D style with extras, really nice, but long wait 8-12 weeks!
  2. Part Ex My Ford Fiesta Titanium

    Fair point, lol, as I have said really loved the car just want a change.
  3. Part Ex My Ford Fiesta Titanium

    Thanks for the replies. In the end we have ordered a DS3, got a much better deal, however, still love the Fiesta, just want a change, so many about now
  4. Part Ex My Ford Fiesta Titanium

    Hi We were looking at changing to another Fiesta, or if not the Mini or DS3. DS3 really impressive, and tbh the amount offered as a trade in for the Fiesta at the Ford main dealer was a joke, I wouldn't even consider it, and if that is the case with trade in values puts me off another Ford!!
  5. Part Ex My Ford Fiesta Titanium

    Well, so far its looking like it's going to be a DS3, Ford not going out of their way to promote loyalty!!
  6. Thinking of part exchanging my 09 Titanium 1.6 for Zetec S. Don't want to rush into it unless offered really good price. Any ideas of best price at the moment for Zetec S. Any tips on how to get a good deal. May also look at DS3.
  7. It's finally here!

    Hi we have done about 6000 miles, (2-3 long trips included), but my car was out of action for 1 month due to a silly accident I had in Aug. Anyway now have it back and love it.
  8. It's finally here!

    Hi Just wanted to say what an excellent review! So glad that you are obviously enjoying your new car so much, (I love mine too even after7 months). Happy motoring
  9. parking in public

    It is ironic really that when I had my recent accident in a supermarket car park I was heading to the empty part of the car park to avoid car park bumps and dents, and then got dazzled by the sun and hit the lamp post. Anyway have now had the car back for 2 weeks and still can't bring myself to visit that car park!
  10. I have my car back

    Well finally after 4 weeks and 2 days I have my car back. Looks just the same as did before the accident, am so pleased to have it back. Will have to be so careful now!
  11. Sat Nav Mount

    We use a TomTom and have bought a navmat this fits in the little recess really well and we have had no problems with it and used it on several long journeys. I would recommend it.
  12. Update on my accident repair

    Yes am taking my husband with me, he knows every inch of that car and will be scrutinising it.
  13. Update on my accident repair

    Thanks for your comments, yes Amy I am not looking forward to car parks! in fact have not been in that one since the accident! can't bring myself to go there although only down the road, go further than I have to just to avoid it. Nightowl: don't think there will be any token for waiting, am pleased tho that insurance has covered it all, I have no excess!! will be so pleased to get it back, just wondering tho if there will be another hold-up before Monday. Will let you know.
  14. Update on my accident repair

    Apparently the parts are now available and may be getting the car back on Monday, am so looking forward to it but a bit nervous about driving it again, have got used to the little ka that they lent us after the 2 week insurance replacement car (Corsa) ran out. Hope they have done a good job.
  15. Update on my accident repair

    The body shop where the car is being repaired is actually the same company as the Ford dealer from whom I bought the car!.. there are lots of new Fiestas waiting around to be sold, find it incredible that they can't get the parts, they said if it was much longer may have to look at other options, but not sure what. Thanks for the suggestion.