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  1. Thank you, Is it possible to simply loosen the alternator to get some slack? Also from when you did it, does the belt only go around 4 pully's? Crankshaft, water pump, AC and alternator? As mentioned, haynes manual isnt very clear. Thanks in advance. Craig
  2. Hi, Has anyone changed the Auxillary/Fan belt on a ford fiesta (Mines is 2009 model). The Haynes Manual says you need a tensioner kit etc. Although I've seen a few things online that say you can loosen the alternator a bit which gives you some slack. Anyone tried this? Also any pictures or diagrams would be helpful. The cars making a squeaking noise which is coming from that area of the engine bay so want to replace the belt then see how it goes. Thanks Craig
  3. Nice car. Welcome Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  4. I'm new to the world of DIY mechanics however im more than happy to lend a helping hand to anyone in the Airdrie area. I've also got a Haynes Manual for a fiesta 2008+. Im happy to send photos of pages or sections etc. Just send me a message. I'm also design engineer so can provide AutoCAD drawings/designs for a nominal fee.
  5. UPDATE: Changed my anti roll bar drop links yesterday and seems to have done the trick. Car feels more stable (going around corners, driving on the motorway, normal driving etc). The droplinks id taken off have never been replaced, they were that rusted on that i ended up having to take them off with an angle grinder. Thanks for every1s advise. Craig
  6. See, i thought that myself but think it might just be the lighting. The bar is sturdy enough but it definitely looks like its due for a replacement.
  7. Had a look on unipart (as a fellow cheapskate) but theyre out of stock. Hadnt heard of that site before though - so thanks for that.
  8. Checked the track rod ends there and theyr fine. Very little to no movement. They got the replace on the last MOT (Oct 2016) so didn't think they'd need replaced but thought I'd check since the bearing looks a bit squashed.
  9. Cheers. On euro car parts these look like what i need?