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  1. Hi Has anyone fitted the Ford DRL Kit 1 875 877? It is available for cars with the factory fitted round fog lights up to 03/2015. Currently the price is £185. TIA Peter401
  2. Hi I have a 2010 Kuga 163 PS AWD Manual. My tyres 235/55R17 will shortly need replacing, the original tyres are Conti M&S, whilst they have been very good they are somewhat noisy. Can you recommend a good replacement. My driving is mainly on country lanes (very muddy at times), local "A" roads and occasionally motorways. Thanks Peter401
  3. Reversing Camera

    That is why I fabricated a plug, if it does not work turn it 180 degrees and it should work. Being a tight individual I bought a number plate light camera and 7 inch monitor through e-bay (Hong Kong and China) total cost including wiring and fittings around £50. It has worked perfectly on my Kuga for at least 3 years. Look at the Kuga Owners Club forum for how to install. Just don't use a pressure washer when cleaning the back of the car! Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  4. Reversing Camera

    On my Kuga I just removed the bulb holder and fabricated a "501" plug using plasticard and some thin copper strip. I soldered the copper strip to the two number plate wires. That way if ever you need to take off the camera all you have to do is remove the plug and refit the bulb holder. I also replaced the filament bulb in the other number plate light with a LED so that the two lights were white. HTH Peter401
  5. Number Plate Bulbs

    I used the 5 smd ones, I bought a few mainly for my Kuga. Also I installed a reversing camera and screen on the Kuga and had to match the led on the number plate light camera. So far I have them in the footwell ;lights, interior lights including the map lights and the boot lights. HTH Peter C
  6. Number Plate Bulbs

    Did my wifes Mark 7 Fiesta Zetec S a couple of years ago, because the bulb holders were getting brittle. Bought the LEDs from ebay (Fizzmo) no connection just satified customer. Go for the five leds, four on the sides and one on the top. If the led does not work turn it round in the holder. HTH Peter401
  7. Wheel Nut Covers Gone. :(

    Unfortunately it is quite common especially if you own a Kuga, the wheels have a higher torque. The stainless steel caps fall off after a time especially if air tools are used. The best alternative is to buy solid wheel nuts from e-bay. I have done this on my Kuga and my wife's Mark 7 Fiesta. No problems now! HTH Peter401
  8. Music Problems

    Make sure all the files are either mp3 or wml, any other format will cause an error message. Also check each file in case they any jpeg files (pictures for i-pods) remove those as well.You will free up a lot of space on the memory stick. HTH Peter 401
  9. Fiesta 2009 Front Washers Not Working

    Also check the water pipe as sometimes the pipe is crushed by the bonnet hinge. Happened on my wifes 2009 Fiesta Zetec S when new. HTH Peter 401
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums peter401 :)

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