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  1. Speaker Help

    I thought itd be covered, but according to my local ford it isnt....
  2. Speaker Help

    Hey . I have a Ford Fiesta 2013 titanium X with the Sony radio. My front left lower speaker, like the one at the very bottom of the door . The big one . Seems to be blown 👎🏼 anyone any ideas where I can get a speaker to replace it and if it's easy to replace ? It's been driving me mad for days ! Thanks
  3. Fuel Consumptoion

    The weather makes sense! thanks guys!!
  4. Fuel Consumptoion

    Hi So recently my ford fiesta ecoboosts MPG has been dropping. Its went from approx 42.4 to now sitting at 39.6 . Really dont know whats up with it. If anyone has any idea why itd do this? Is it maybe needing serviced? Thanks !
  5. Possible New Focus...

    So i currently have a Fiesta Titanium X which im thinking of getting rid of and leasing a Ford Focus 2.0 Automatic on a 2 years contract. The only thing is, would it be a wise decision? If so which spec would be recommended? Have i picked a decent engine? Im new to the whole car leasing thing also so any advice on that would be lovely :) Help! Thanks :)
  6. Losing Things Down The Back Of The Handbrake

    Try loosing your key for the car down there with your house key on at 11:30 at night! 2 and a half hours it took to retrieve. Car is keyless so at least i could drive to a friends in town..... We couldnt take any of the panels off so had to use our hands and objects to try retrieve them. I still have a magnetic screw driver, hooks, paper clips and several other items down there.....
  7. What Rattles In Your Fiesta?

    I have a rattle in the back of my car. Something makes me think that it is actually coming from the boot window, but god knows. Seems to be a constant rattle. Car was in garage couple of weeks and they didnt pick anything up. Its annoying. Ive notice my seat is also making a 'Squeaking' noise. Also annoying.
  8. Finally Booked My Car In To Fix The Scratch

    Ouch! What a sting. Im dreading taking mine in... I have stone chips all up the front bumper. The joys of farm/country roads I guess.
  9. First Service

    Id complain. My mum has a Hyundai and she put it into our local ford dealer to get its first service and she paid extra to get the car hoovered aswell as washed and they didnt do either. Its worth complaining, we got 70% off the service :P
  10. 2013 Fiesta Parts

    Man if you could give it to me id be very grateful
  11. 2013 Fiesta Parts

    Ill have a look at this later.. Just leaving work :)
  12. 2013 Fiesta Parts

    Thanks for the replies guys :)! If one of you could let me have that id be very grateful ! Its the back one with the gear numbers in white, right ? :) Thanks :D
  13. Ios9.0.2

    Sync and my iPhone don't seem to work together. It will tell me i have a text and will let me listen to it, but it wont tell me who has sent it ... :-/
  14. 2013 Fiesta Parts

    Hey! Im wanting to do some slight 'Mods' to my '13 plate Titanium X Fiesta. So im looking to see if anyone can recommend/link ( ;) ) somewhere i could get some; LED Reg plate lights,LED Lights for inside the carI guess thats all for now... Can anyone recommend any smaller things i could also change? Also - the piece of plastic which displays the gear numbers and reverse on top of the gear knob fell off the other day. It seems all the clips have somehow snapped.. I, in a panic, super glued it back on !!! Its now making a weird noise as it isnt on tight enough. Is it easy enough to replace the gear know to stop this? Thanks :D
  15. Where Do You Work? To Afford This :p

    Accountancy Firm :-)