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  1. Hi Chaps, I have owned my Mondeo MK1 Mondeo 'Verona' since new (19 YEARS). My key fob has stopped operating , and the batteries are quite new and the red light appears on the fob when activating. Nevertheless, I put new batteries in and went through the process of re-programming to no avail. I have noticed recently that the red control light next to the digital clock is staying on for longer than the designated 3 seconds before going out whe engine is switched on. Could this be the problem and is it a garage job to put right? Would welcome any suggestions.
  2. Inner Door Operating Cable

    Many thanks indeed. My mk1 was one of the last production models and ties in with what you said about cable length i.e. 375mm. Will give this co. a ring.
  3. Hi, The driver's inner door locking release cable has snapped on my Mondeo MK1 and have to wind window down to open door from outside. I have had the car since new and have kept the car in immaculate condition with only 70,000 miles on clock. My nearest Ford dealer tells me the cable is now unobtainable. Any ideas where I can obtain a cable apart from scrap merchants.
  4. Hi, The driver's side door catch to handle cable( pt. no. 7293480) on my Mondeo Mk. 1 (have owned since new) has snapped, and Ford tell me it is now unobtainable. I will have to try and source from scrap yards. I have taken the interior door trim off to expose the full lock housing. I presume the exterior door handle will now have to come off in order to release the housing. I would welcome any advice. John Adams
  5. Irregular Heartbeat

    Thanks chaps.I have not had any problems with the car stalling so I will renew leads and coil pack,plugs are quite new.
  6. Hi Folks I have mint condition Mondeo Mk1 Verona 1.8 (since new) with 72,000 miles. Recently it has developed an irregular tick-over, and am getting a jerky accelerator response especially when the revs have dropped. Could this be the air idle speed control valve playing up? Would welcome any ideas.
  7. Front Windscreen Washers

    Thanks for your help Chris. You were spot-on. After syphoning the water out of the bottle (masses of rubbish came out),it still would not work. I then noticed that one of the pipes felt loose and it just pulled away,it looked as though it had not snapped. Now to take the wheel off and the wheel arch cover to repair. Cheers
  8. Hi Chaps, I have had my Mondeo mk1 since new(nearly 14 years)and have replaced the two front windscreen jets(heated)as I was experiencing a lack of water power in the jet and felt that the nozzles were past their sell by date for adjusting. I thought this would be the cure.However,when I tried them after fitting replacements a small amount of water came out the jets and then packed in but I can still hear the motor working. I have read the other posts re this problem and mine is definitely not ice in the system as the car has been garaged during the bad weather. The rear windscreen jet is working.Am I right in assuming then that the pump is OK?. It would appear there is a blockage in the pipe to the front jets or is it possible I have created an air lock?. I would welcome any suggestions. Thanks
  9. Car key battery type

    You have to be very nimble to locate the two new batteries (CR2016) into the key within 15 seconds,and if you fail as I did,you then only need to reprogramme.I found the attached information the best and it worked for me. Best of luck.
  10. Car key battery type

    Thanks a lot mate.I'm sure I won't do it in the 15 seconds as stated in the handbook.
  11. Can anyone tell me the battery type required for my key.I have a Mondeo Mk1 'Verona' (purchased from new)?The key is an infrared type.I am told it is either ref.CR2016 or CR 2032. Cheers