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  1. auldreekie


    Sometimes if you come across a scrappy bit scaffolding they could be put over the wheel brace for further leverage. I sometimes wonder at car makers, they think they are doing you a favour supplying a poky little wheel brace to remove wheel nuts, their about as useful as a chocolate teapot.
  2. auldreekie


    Don't know what tool you have, one of these might be useful as it extends for more leverage. You can find them cheaper on the net. It's handy to leave in the car.
  3. auldreekie

    Ecoboost cutting out at high revs

    Jeez, I thought I was unlucky at 13000 miles
  4. auldreekie

    Ecoboost cutting out at high revs

    Do you really need to rev up to near 5600 ? If this is regular unless it's on a race track then perhaps I maybe wrong but not surprised there are problems. Possibly the new fuel pump has a defect, my 2014 fiesta tit, Mine had the factory fitted one on and packed in at 14000 miles, no warning lights etc. A genuine ford part doesn't guarantee it's not defective. Try putting some injector cleaner through it to clean the pipes.
  5. auldreekie

    New ceramic/nano polish...anyone used this product?

    Agree it looks a bit dodgy to me too, click the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page returns a Page Not Found (404) screen. the site registrant contact email is a link provides a link to Fake Mail Generator. As the site was created on 2018-03-07 according to Whois plus a US (Omaha) site advertising prices in GBP I wouldn't touch this with a bargepole. You can also find the same site here but different site registrants, do your own whois check.
  6. auldreekie

    Exhaust heat shield

    I ran my old focus for about 4 or 5 yrs without it after it dropped before getting the fiesta, the lack of it never gave any problems and never affected MOT's either. Can't say what effect it would have on Fiesta, unless it was shielding brake/fuel pipes or setting interior carpets on fire I'd say just leave it off.
  7. auldreekie

    Wheel Balancing

    With most cars now having alloys whether factory fitted or fancy expensive alloys do they still need balancing when getting new tyres fitted?
  8. auldreekie

    2010 1.25 Fiesta & Snow

    Get the bus, not worth the risk in this weather, fiesta or top of the range 4x4 it don't matter, someone else could come sliding into you.
  9. auldreekie

    02 Focus 1.8 tdi EDU repair

    Definitely fuel reaching and coming out of the injectors, they've all been cracked (one at a time) to check while turning the engine, whether it is at the right pressure I don't know. Sprayed Easy start in the Air intake hose and engine will run for about 1 or 2 seconds as long as easy start spray button is depressed. It is now showing error P0216 Injection timing control circuit. Daughter has decided not to throw any more money at it, car is 16 yrs old and condition of underside is 50/50 whether it will pass its MOT now due and new mot rules coming in May to make things more difficult for diesel owners it been decided it's time to get another motor. Thanks everyone who replied.
  10. auldreekie

    02 Focus 1.8 tdi EDU repair

    Nope, looks like the pump has had its day, managed to run it for 2 or three seconds using easy start in the air intake hose but it sounded really harsh then it died on me. Car now going to the big scrappy in the sky, it is not worth the repair costs of a reconditioned pump.
  11. Consider putting on some eye protection when scrubbing it with the wire brush, nothing worse than some crap getting in your eye resulting in a trip to the eye hospital to get it removed. Happened to me several years ago.
  12. auldreekie

    OBD2 Readers

    I bought one off ebay, junk and didn't work, apparently a lot of fakes on the bay. I bought one here and it works a treat. I got the WiFi + USB Modified ELM one so it gives me the choice of using it via mobile or usb to the laptop.
  13. auldreekie

    02 Focus 1.8 tdi EDU repair

    EDU sent off for repair ...I hope. Hopefully be back by the end of the week and weather permitting get it back on the car. Will post back if successful or not.
  14. auldreekie

    02 Focus 1.8 tdi EDU repair

    Anyone had a repair done on the EDU on a Bosch VP30 fuel pump for 02 focus 1.8 TDI? Car is a non-start ,OBD codes are pointing to the fuel pump and some googling on the net suggest it might be the transistor on the FIP edu circuit. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem and successfully had a repair done, also possible recommendation where to send the EDU. Not a problem for me to remove the edu, electronic repair though is not my forte. Repairing the edu would be megabucks cheaper than a new pump which would be more than the car is worth and might save it from the scrappy.
  15. auldreekie

    Getting under the fiesta!

    I've ran a front or backwheel up onto a spare wheel in the past to get a height though I'm not sure i'd want to use a good alloy . getting up is tricky but can be done.