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  1. Had similar problem a few years ago, key fob wouldn't lock/unlock the car at home, had to lock & unlock manually with key. If I took the car several hundred yards away it worked fine. Odd thing to the doorbell on my house stopped working too. I suspected someone in the stair opposite as there was a thunderpole antenna for cb radio attached to the chimney stack, also a long single wire stretching from one end of the same roof to the other end which I think was for ham radio. Interference eventually stopped. There is a organization that will investigate this sort of interference in the UK, can't quite remember the name of it but I'm sure it's still on Google somewhere.
  2. I know the radio in my old car used to switch off after about an hour, I suspect the mk8 might be the same therefor no use for parking mode. The infotainment screen switches off with ignition. If your cam on fuse No 3 switches off with ignition then I have a valid reason to go back a third time. I'm thinking fuse No 5 lock/unlock maybe a better choice, I'm sure that would be a permanent live ...I think.
  3. Hi, got a Garmin 55+ fitted 2 days ago at Halford also the parking mode cable to go with it . Dashcam works ok while driving, parking mode I'm not so sure about. I believe although the parking mode enables itself when ignition is switched off and key removed it's actually just working from the dash am internal battery as I only get approx 5 hours of use from parking mode. It is not for lack of movement being detected, buses running past 24/7. I had a look at the fuse box, hardwire kit fusetap goes to fuse number 17 which according to the handbook is voice control,info & entertainment & cd player, fair enough as these come on with ignition. The parking mode cable is connected to fuse number 3 which handbook says is for parking assist control module, my car does NOT have this module. Would I be correct in saying there may not be anything on the engine side of fuse number 3? Hence parking mode running from internal battery. Fuse number 5 lock/unlock might have been a better choice... I think.
  4. As per the title above, does my 2019 fiesta active 1 have this function? Does the driver know when the drop from 3 cylinders to 2 cylinders happens if conditions are right and is there a warning lamp of sorts to let driver know?
  5. The plot thickens🤔
  6. This sorta makes sense... I think. Not about fiesta vent.
  7. Ive got the same on my 2019 active, I assumed it was a speaker, is it not? I don't have a B&O speakers. Could be a air vent for when you stick mother in law in the boot😜 Let us know what you find, I don't have a trim tool.
  8. Thanks Dan, nice one. While its still "fresh in your head" to you remember which fuse number you piggy backed from, providing your cam works when ignition is switched on only. Shouldn't be too much difference in fusebox layouts ...I think.
  9. Can anyone tell me the fuse type I should be looking at for Mk8 2019 Fiesta Active please. Took dashcam off my old car (fiesta) so I can use it on the new one but I believe the fuse types are different, also will need a new fuse tap (piggy back).
  10. Over what certain age are you referring to?
  11. Seems cd's are going the same way as old tape cassettes, got a new car on Monday and no cd in that either. I ripped all my cd's to pc and put them on my phone and play them via BT on the car, also got Spotify I can use in car when I want something different plus plenty of stations on DAB where I'm sure you would find some stations to your liking. UK Gold does it for me with music from 60's/70's which suits me cos I'm a old *****. Do I miss the cd in the car? NO, on the plus side there is no more clutter in the glovebox with cd cases,😀 at least if the worst should happen and the car gets stolen you don't lose all your music collection in one go.
  12. Thanks pragmatic, I guess my concern was would it fit over the caliper.