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  1. Can I ask what age you are?
  2. Thanks guys, a phone call to Churchill managed to get the price down to £202.00. It includes protected ncb and courtesy car if needed. Excess lowered from £450 to £350 incl' £100 compulsory excess. All in all a £3.00 rise since last year's premium. No motor legal protection, had that about 20 odd years ago, they were absolutely no help whatsoever when a car hit my car when wife was driving, despite the obvious mis-statement the other party made a screw up of. Never used legal protection again.
  3. Not being nosey but myy yearly car insurance just arrived this morning, a increase of £36 on last year's premium now totalling £235.00 from Churchill. I've got a fiesta active1 125ps, parked off street on my driveway. NCB 9 years, in reality more than 20yrs but Churchill only go up to 9yrs. I'm 72 yr old male, wife is also on policy too with same NCB, no accidents, points etc. Excess is £450. Just wondering if anyone here with same car in similar situation care to say what they're paying on car insurance. Looks like I'll be spending some time on the lappy today looking for cheaper. 😱😩
  4. Found a pge with fuse box numbers etc for 2017 - 2019 fiesta + earlier models, mine is 2019. Shows fuse 3 as 7.5A protecting the instrument cluster. Is this the same one as you suggest, different from 10A?. https://fuse-box.info/ford/ford-fiesta-2014-2018-fuses-and-relay/amp#2018_2019
  5. Have a dashcam viofo a119 v3 hardwired on mk8 fiesta active, it works fine but when stopped at red traffic lights etc the dashcam switches off when autostop kicks in, dashcam restarts when car starts again. I can overcome this by switching the auto stop start off at the switch but most times I forget. 🙄 Anyone found which fuse on mk8 fiesta active 1 will be live while ignition is on but not affected by start/stop function? I'm thinking when autostop kicks in and restart is is quick the dashcam powering down and trying to power up again before power down process is finished wont do the electronics much good reducing the lifespan of dashcam.
  6. Anyone recommend a fiesta mk 8 Boot Tidy if that's a proper name for it. Something neat to keep bits & bobs in such as window cleaner spray, couple of cloths, roof rack straps and other bits of junk the wife keeps inside the car like brollies and womens crap🙄. I open the glove compartment and everything but the kitchen sink falls out. 😩 Something with a velcro base to stop it sliding about or even attaches the the rear of the back seat, but not too big that it takes up have the boot space. Currently using a empty cat food box. 🐱🐱😁
  7. Watched your video clip, what caused these scratches on the side of the ring gear? Also looks as if some of the cogs on the ring gear are worn. At 142000 miles there is going to be wear. If a new clutch has been fitted at some point perhaps a screw up job has been done. Maybe ring gear has become slightly warped hence the scratches on the side of the cogs. By the way the ring gear is not stopping at the same position watching the scratches. Mark it with chalk to be clear.
  8. If you can't get it started it will fail the mot.
  9. Taking the plugs out first makes it easier to turn😏
  10. The alloy wheel nuts (at least on my old titanium) had a closed end so using a spacesaver wheel which is thinner than your alloy more of the stud bolts poke through the steel spacesaver so alloy nuts don't tighten against the wheel. A set of 4/5 standard steel wheel nuts which do not have closed ends will do the job. Their not expensive, 3 or 4 quid.
  11. A dodgy flywheel ring gear is also a possibility, but that's another helluva job to sort. Gearbox off, flywheel off, and new ring gear put on. Last time I did this at home was about 40 yrs ago. A worn ring gear on flywheel caused horrible noises when trying to start.
  12. Possibly a solenoid problem, can you test the starter off the car? Click is usually a solenoid problem also low battery. The earth strap from engine to chassis undo and clean connectors. Check battery with multi-meter to see if voltage has drppped. Maybe new battery has been lying on the shelf a long time.
  13. https://tinyurl.com/3d2d4bjn 15" will do as a spare, you will probably need a set of steel wheelnuts as I doubt alloy wheel nuts will fully tighten.
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