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  1. Hi All, I am hoping someone can help me with a 2009 Fiesta 1.6 TDCI Econetic. Nightmare car, bought it with bad ALT belt, replaced that also needed cambelt and injector seals! Anyway it has all been done but has been stood and moved around occasionally for 12 weeks. Now the battery light stays on! I don’t think been stood and moved around has done it any good. The light wasn’t coming on until recently, so it is a fault which has happened in the couple of weeks I have the following error codes: P065B - Generator Control Circuit Range/Performance P1632 - Smart Alternator Faults Sensor / Circuit Battery at idle has a charge voltage of:14.68v Anyone idea of tests etc I can carry out to determine the fault? I have given the battery a full charge off of a smart charger but it still has the same issue. It is the original Ford Battery. Before starting to replace things is there fuses or simple checks I can carry out with the multimeter? For diagnostics I have FORscan & a universal Delphi. Any help much appreciated and I am willing to learn 🙂 I do have couple more Fiesta’s in so can swap parts between if need be ( Rather not though) Thanks,
  2. Update i have taken the main boost pipe off the car today and cannot find any signs that this has any damage. I have also taken a video the car doing the noise ( Link below). The exhaust looks quite new cannot see any obvious damage. The oil on the inter-cooler is all around the boost pipe, this is why I originally suspected it. Thanks You can here the noise at about 2100 - 2300 revs but in the higher revs it goes away. It is really annoying when on a motorway as this is the kinda rev range it sits at,so does it a lot on the motorway.
  3. Thaanks people, i am hoping soon to get a time to have a proper look at this. I will update you when I find it... Hopefully it is not to difficult, from what i have read if it is the inercooler it is a front end off job ;(
  4. Hi All, I recently purchased a S-MAX 1.8 TDCI 2007 with 96k on the clock. I noticed on the way home the car is making a sound which I can only describe as sounding like an ‘owl’. It does this when the turbo kicks in, but stops it when you get in the higher revs. Also, the car kicks out a small amount of black smoke. As it was late, I had a quick look once home. I couldn’t see anything obvious other than oil which looks to be coming out of the intercooler. When revving with my hand at the front bumper I couldn’t feel anything escaping from the intercooler though? but it doesn’t do the noise when stationery only in drive. Anyone else got any thoughts on this please? Anything particular common? It is my first experience of the 1.8 engine, all my other Ford Diesels have been the 2.0. If it turns out to be the intercooler, are they the same on the Focus/Mondeo/Galaxy 1.8s? Picture of the intercooler, it has a little puddle oil under it and you can see where it has leaked from under tray. Insert other media
  5. Hi All, I need to replace the wing on Mk3 galaxy as it is all dented in 😞 noticed there are a couple of bolts behind the window. Has anyone got any easy ways to remove these wings? do you have to remove the window? Thanks
  6. All done now 🙂 Ended up buying one of these: £14 from local motor factors. I had no choice this is the only one they sold. I am so glad i did!! The force to get it off was ridiculous, i used my wrench and put the handle off my jack for leverage. The new ones you are find to tighten you can do them with a 32mm spanner. Most cars have flat spots on the tie rods which allow you to grip them with a tool, apart from some fords!! From my research though these little tools are really good, various designs. The one i got like i say had no choice if i am honest i prefer designs of others eBay as the are smaller. I did struggle i little with room on the Fiesta.
  7. Managed to find a seller close to me selling one of these tools. Think i will need to buy one There are other versions i have found online which I would prefer to use, but cannot wait for them to come in the post. So i a limited on choice really.
  8. Thanks, Did you have to drop the front arm to get in with the Mole Grips??
  9. Hi all, Does anyone know the easiest way to remove the inner tie rod? Or recommend a special tool to do it with? it was dark outside and started raining, so i have not had a detailed look, but it looks rounded with no flat spots. There is a yellow plastic ring going around it though. The car is a MK7 2012 Fiesta. Picture below of the Tie Rod. Thanks,
  10. Hi all, my 2012 MK7 has developed a unusual fault.. The stereo creates an awful interference sound and it does this turned on or off. I have to remove fuse 21 to stop it. Anyway I decided to test if it was the stereo at fault. I have another MK7.5 with the same unit ( Same connectors) both have no phone kit or anything. When i swap the stereos they do not work in each Fiesta. They come on but have no output? They are not asking for pin codes. I just want to replace the stereo in the car to see if it is that at fault, anyone any idea how to do it? I know how remove them etc, its just weird that when its installed neither stereo work in either car. When i put them back in the original cars they work again.. The stereos do have different part numbers but look identical. I have noticed on eBay a lot of people sell the stereos with the displays, do you need to change the display with the stereo? are they paired? Thanks 🙂
  11. Thanks yea I have air lines, i was thinking i would need to block the breather... I may try the hoover first :)
  12. Hi All, I went to check my oil and the bottom couple of inches of my dipstick broke off So i cannot check my level. My car is a 2012 2.0 TDCI 140. Anyone got any tips for removing this please? I have seen various videos on the net using an air line, could this damage the engine though?
  13. Thanks, I have a 2008 Ford Mondeo Titanium X :)
  14. Hi All, Long time since I owned a Ford, been VW :) So I use VAGCOM on my VW's. What is the best for Ford just for a home user. I would like to be able to do static regen of the DPF etc, and read Ford specific codes. Thanks Jon
  15. First of all Hi all new here :) Have not had time to read the whole thread.... Is the company you purchased it from a Limited company? If it is not worth your while taking civil action against them, make sure you contact the local trading standards. They can enforce criminal legislation, depending on the evidence etc, they potentially with an engineers report may look at proceeding under safety, as well as Consumer Protection From Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. They can take action against a director for consent, neglect or convenience to an offence taking place. - Unfortunately this will not get you your money back, but could result in a prosecution been taken against the trader. Also you can report to Vosa again with any reports you have taken on the vehicle regarding its MOT. The MOT station will not be happy about VOSA sniffing around if they have put a hooky MOT on it, and will more than likey fall out with the trader. You should not need a solictor to proceed civil action, and its not expensive to take them through civil courts ring the Citizens Advice they will advise you on how to proceed against him that way. Even though its difficult it is a problem if you start repairing the car your self etc... Also Citizen Advice will send any criminal elements over to Trading Standards. Like others have mentioned you need to also consider action against the Finance company. Under the Credit legislation they can be equally liable as the trader... again speak with Citizen Advice... Sorry if a lot of above has been covered, I did not have time to read all 6 pages. Feel free to private message me if I can be of any further help to you. Or you need me to expand on anything further.