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    Been investigating poor mpg in the c-max for a few weeks now. A lot of people seem to be having the same problems. I average ( in a 1.6 tdci 57 plate) around 43mpg going to work and back (20 mile on a-roads), with the maximum of 50mpg on a motorway at 60 mph . Frankly, I am very dissappoined, especially when comparing with the quoted combined average of 57 mpg from ford, and comparing against my previous diesels :- Rav4 2.0 ltr average 39mpg (4 wheel drive and heavy) , motorway 47mpg Toyota auris sr180 2.2 diesel average 47mpg motorway 56mpg Skoda vrs diesel 170 bhp estate average 47mpg , motorway 58mpg civic 2.2 diesel, average 52mpg, motorway 60+ mpg You can see from these figures, that my previous diesels have been much bigger and faster cars, yet have returned much better economy. I have checked :- 1. the ECU fault codes, none exist. got a lead from ebay. 2. any leaking air inlet pipes, especially the large one across the front of the engine, all air tight. quick check is to open the air filter box and block the air inlet pipe at the MAF sensorto see if you can stall the car and watch all the pipes collapse under suction. 3. cleaned the MAF sensor. I am now going to see the ford dealer to see if there is an ECU update. I would also be interested in anyone else with the same engine and an OBD lead to see what air flow, air temp, oxygen sensor, rpm and fuel pressure they have at IDLE, 2000 and 4000 rpm for comparison. any other ideas would also be welcome. Surely a 1.6 turbo diesel should be much better than 45 mpg. I am tempted to buy a diesel chip for better economy, but want to see if there is a faulty sensor or ecu first........