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  1. thedriver2k6

    Blue LED Switch lights...

    Has anyone else tried this? The new LED's arrived today and they have the resisitor with them (unfortunatly not built in but seperate so will have to do some soldering). I hooked them up and no light so i thought it ignore the switch and test them in the live wiring and they worked! hey presto! however when i hook them up into the switches they dont seem to work. Ive tried copying the original connections as much as possible but im obvioulsy doing something wrong. If anyone has managed to do this successfully please help! or if anyone knows where i can find some detailed instructions online that would be great! Thanks!
  2. thedriver2k6

    Servicing my fiesta...

    Hi All, Just about to conduct a service on my car and wondered what size tools im going to need for the following; Spark plug socket/wrench Sump Plug socket/Replacment Nut & Washer And also how easy is it to change the Fuel Filter? Ive done a change on my old corsa and that was fairly easy 10min job... Im only asking as this is the first time ive serviced my car since ive moved out and no longer have the ability to pop into my dad's tool shed and borrow a few bits so im starting my own set :-) Thanks!
  3. thedriver2k6

    Blue LED Switch lights...

    Hi thanks for this. The originals look very much like the new ones but unsure if they are LED or not. Just been having a play with my mulitmeter and the new LED are only 1.4v and obviously the car is 12v so this explains the reason for the blowing. Have now bought some new LEDs with built in resistors for 12v application so this should sort it out. Will let you know how i get on. Thanks!
  4. thedriver2k6

    Blue LED Switch lights...

    Hi all, I've bought one of them kits off ebay with the blue LEDS to replace the LED's in my switchs on my MK 4 fiesta. Im trying to change the Rear Heated Window and Fog Light switchs but for some reason i keep blowing the LED... i have installed them as (Negative -) legs of the LED going to the terminal on the left (together) and the (positive +) of the main LED going to the Right terminal and the top LED going to the Top Terminal. I have now been through about 8 LEDs trying this and the same result...plug in..switch on lights and Spark...fizzle...dead LED.... any ideas as to what i may be doing wrong? the seller on ebay has been emailing me back with instructions but we arent really getting much further with it... Any help would be much appreciated... :( Thanks in advance
  5. thedriver2k6

    ford fiesta clocks mods

    Wow that looks really good. Im about to mod my MK4 with Blue led's. was it just a straight change of bulbs or did you have to use a colour filter? Looks really good hope mine turns out that cool!
  6. thedriver2k6

    fiesta mark 98 problems

    Thanks i will try this option! let you know if i notice any differences
  7. thedriver2k6

    Engine Mis-Fire when idle

    Hi all, Just noticed on my last 2 trips out in the car that when sat at the lights or junctions in idle the engine has quite a bad mis-fire...i was sat there with the music on and it felt like the engine had stalled but then went back to normal and it did this a few times within the space of a few mins and then again when i pulled up at the next set of lights. Havent noticed it when driving and when pulling away its fine. Any ideas what may be causing it? my first thought was the sparks but looking at the service history this was done last MOT in Jan and the car has only done 500miles since... :(
  8. Hi All. My friend is currently breaking down a fiesta and it was the Ghia model with Elec windows and Elec C/Locking. I was wondering if anyone has ever or knows if it would be possible to convert my fiesta from normal manual windows and locking to Electric systems? is the wiring looms already there or is would i have to run everything in myself? i can get the switches, motors, regulators but its the wiring part im worried about. Thanks in advance for any insight on this!
  9. thedriver2k6

    Intermittant airbag light

    Hi, Im also having this intermittent airbag light problem. was thinking of taking the car into a garage to get them to fix it but does anyone know how much they would charge to repair it? mines a 98 model. sometimes the light can be off for days but its on at the moment and ive taken the car out several times today and it wont go off. Its not on constantly its flashing if this makes a difference? i removed the fuse and had a look at the wiring behind the steering wheel but no joy. under seat wires also appear clean and jigging of these did nothing.
  10. thedriver2k6

    fiesta mark 98 problems

    Hi, I've also noticed in my 98 Fiesta. Cant find where its leaking but would be good to know why it keeps happening!
  11. thedriver2k6

    AMP installation...

    HI! Its a 1998 (S Reg) 1.3. Thanks!
  12. thedriver2k6

    AMP installation...

    Hi, Thanks very much for your reply. I was trying to under dash option but too much dash in the way to find any existing gromits. I will try the wing option and will upload some pics if i get stuck. I managed the Earth cable already, going to an existing Earth bolt in boot and the cables from the AMP to the head unit were easy to run through the trim inside the car. Just having a hard time with the power cable! Thanks and will let you know how it goes!
  13. thedriver2k6

    AMP installation...

    Hi! I've fitted an AMP in the boot of my MK4 fiesta and managed to run through all the cables to the head unit. Im stuck at the part of hooking up to the battery. I cant find any spots to run the cable for the power through to the engine bay. Does anyone know the location of a suitable hole or will i need to create a new hole to fed the cable through. Looking under the dash i cant find any where to fed it through unless im looking in the wrong places....