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  1. I’ve got a 1.5 180 Ecoboost focus and frankly if it’s economy you want stay well away from this engine it’s shocking. I get 30mpg doing a 16 mile round trip to work and back all on main roads and bypass. On the motorway I’m lucky to get 40mpg at a steady 70mph. The engine has to be worked hard to get any progress out of the car as turbo doesn’t feel like it kicks in till 2000rpm at least and ford quoted that it kicks in at 1500rmp (it doesn’t). I’m comparing this to my Fiesta ST180 which was great compared to the Focus. I got 35-38mpg going to work and at a steady 70mph on the motorway I could get 46-50mpg easy. I don’t know how the 1.0l ecoboost engine does in the Focus but the 1.5l is not what I was expecting at all. Don’t get me wrong I like the car it’s nice to be in and drive but the 1.5 engine and gear box don’t work at all for me in the focus. The hole car just feels to heavy for the engine and gear set up.
  2. I’ve got an iPhone 7+ and have sync 2 in my focus and get no problems with connecting. It auto connects every time and is really stable when connected. Common causes are syncs firmware depending on how old the car is and the Bluetooth module isn’t supported by the newer phones as it will have an older style of Bluetooth which can cause problems but not always. But I’m no expert on this it’s just things I’ve read about Bluetooth not working with cars and newer phones.
  3. Ford have been terrible for applying updates to system here in uk for years. US have had free firmware updates for sync since sync 1 over the air updates since sync 2 and 3. In the uk we have had nothing just left with how it is from factory and the dealers charging upto £300 to do any sort of sync updates. Even the sd nav cards are not updated regularly enough for the uk then when they are there 1-2 years out of date. It’s absolutely shocking how ford treat the uk customers with updates on there cars.
  4. I've got a mk3.5 red edition petrol and I have the exact same problem with the gearing. They use longer gearing to help with fuel economy but to me it makes it worse. I've got to constantly work the engine hard to match the long gear ratios which is killing any eco gains ford think it makes. I had a Fiesta ST before the focus and that was brilliant gear ratios where just right for the car. So in the Fiesta ST 180 I was getting 36 to 40 mpg easy now in the focus I struggle to get 32 mpg from the 1.5 182 engine. Spoke to the dealer and they just fobed me off say as it's only got 2600 on the clock it's not bedded in and I won't see an improvement until at least 5000 if it improves at all.
  5. Hi Rcatt. Nice to see you want to get into a bit of detailing. I've been a professional detailer for 12years now and can help you with some advice. One that has been touched on by jack1997 is the microfibres all I'll add to that is different colours for different jobs makes it easier. Plus proper care of micro fibres and they'll last you and serve you well. Wash separately no higher than 60c with mild detergent and never use fabric softener as this will destroy the fibres. Then let them dry naturally or if using a tumble dryer use a delicates program. If it's inexpensive detailing products your after that give great results you can't go far wrong with autoglym (some will slate me for this) but for price and finish they are one of the best in that bracket and easy to buy pretty much anywhere. Then if you want to advance you can start to try the more expensive products. A good PH neutral fallout remover is a must before you clay bar the car ready for polish and wax. As for snowfoam you can now buy foaming hand pressure sprayers although not as good as a lance it will tie you over till you get your own pressure washer and lance and there not to expensive. If you have any questions or would just like any advice let me know.
  6. Unfortunately no the glove box doesn't lock when the car is locked. Removing the ODB fuse and relocating the ODB port is the one way to up security. But both both can be over come by a thief so getting a disc lock as well is also a good idea. Tbf I had a fiesta st2 and never had a problem with the security or anyone trying to steal it. I didn't do any of this on mine before I traded in for a focus red edition.
  7. The unfortunate thing is if it is classed as a safety update it becomes mandatory that the dealer must update the software on the car. As stated software is solely owned by the manufacturer and they have the right to upgrade vehicles software. It's not right but in the eyes of the law there's nothing much that can be done. If it was not an mandatory safety update then u could have a case. But I'm not sure how it works in finding out or putting your case across.
  8. A pressure washer is always the best but at a push u can use a hose pipe with a high pressure spray gun. As a very last resort it can be a watering can but I'd never recommend it. You can get attachments for hose pipes that will put snow foam on the car on eBay. Or you can buy pump sprayers that you can apply prewash with i.e. Traffic film removers just make sure they dont contain costic.
  9. Sorry I know it's its late but been busy this year. The only reason I mentioned sponge is because that's the way most people know that step. If you actually look at the products list it says wool wash mitt (or sponge was put as a last resort for those who don't have a wool mit but still want to do it anyway).
  10. I had this problem when I changed the bulbs on my old fiesta ST 180. I found it was the bottom piece that the flat part of the bulb clips into. I solved it by just bending than back whilst the bulb was in place stoped it. Might not be the same problem on yours but worth a try. I've know people go to dealers after replacing bulbs them self and because they have been classed as aftermarket by them. They have been funny about it and tried to charge the time the technicians spent on the car.
  11. I'd rather not go down the bluefin road as it's not warranty friendly. If there was a mountune upgrade like the ST's I'd do it then.
  12. There all for the 1.6 ecoboost not the 1.5 ecoboost unfortunately.
  13. So as I needed more space (especially boot space) due to now have a 10 month old son that's a big plus for the focus. To be honest there's a lot of pros to the focus. It's a lovely car looks good very comfy and easy to drive sync 2 is a massive improvement on the Sony sync system in the fiesta ST and I now have satnav. The aircon even though it's manual is a massive improvement on the fiesta's aircon which I found quite poor. But all in all it's great and I do love the car. The cons and this is me being very picky tbf. The gear ratios are to long and I've found that there is noticeable turbo lag. The turbo is said to kick in at 1600rpm but I've found that it's very flat until you hit 2000rpm. in the fiesta ST there was no lag what so ever as if the turbo was constantly on boost. But this could also be down to the engine and clutch still bedding in as it's only done 700miles so far. Strangely I also got better mpg from the fiesta ST but this again could be due to it not being properly bedded in yet. The big question is would I recommend a focus red edition and yes I would it's a great car especially if you have a small family like me. As for tweaking if looked everywhere and there's not a thing yet to remap the engine from mountune or anywhere else so not really that tweak able as yet.
  14. Ive just bought a focus 1.5 ecoboost red edition had it a month and although I can't here the noise in the cabin. When I get out to open the gates at home I hear a very simialar noise coming from the engine. What I find very strange is the ecoboost engines sound very much like a diesel just a little quieter. But when I had my fiesta ST2 1.6 ecoboost I never had the sound what so ever. I've looked all over the Internet and it seems it's just normal for the ecoboost to make the ticking sound like a diesel.
  15. you can get them by emailing JustOverlays.