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  1. Digital Speedometer

    I read about that trick in the forum. I'll give it a try. My manual states it should be an option within the trip computer, but dies not seem to be there. I imagine it relates to the mk3.5 Mike95
  2. Digital Speedometer

    Manual states that there should be atrip computer option for a digital speed readout. I can't seem to find it....car was built late Sept '14. My other half's Kuga has it... Mike95
  3. Ecoboost Starting Issue.

    Got into the car this morning (approx 2°C), pressed the starter button and the car took quite a few turns to start accompanied by a "service due" message on the dash. The start stop button then ramained illuminated for the rest of the journey. No other warning lights etc. Have started the car again about an hour later and all seems okay. Only 500 miles on the clock. I'm putting this down to a one off. Mike95
  4. Mpg's On The New Ecoboost Engines

    I will check that out later today.. I did have full petals last week for speed :)
  5. Mpg's On The New Ecoboost Engines

    The car is factory new...just over 300 miles on the clock. Unfortunately the MPG is similar to my old Saab 95 2.3T, but with only half the performance :-0
  6. Mpg's On The New Ecoboost Engines

    I'm just new to the forum..picked up a Titanium Nav 1.0T a couple of weeks ago...its averaging 26 mpg...I was expecting high 30's without trying too hard. My old Pug 508 1.6 hdi did 43 round town!! I really hope it improves. Mike M.
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Mike95 :)

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