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  1. I have a New Mondeo shape on a 57 plate. About five months ago the steering wheel started to shake when braking at 30 mph and above. Took it into the dealaship as it was still under Warranty and they said the disks were distoted and it was not covered under the Warranty. I paid to have it done by another very well known garage. After only five months the problem has now come back and the garage are due to look at it for me. Does anybody know what the cause of this is or has anybody had this problems ? The car is now out of Warranty.
  2. Vibration

    I have the New Mondeo 2Lt D (2007). Had this car from new. I have found recently that there is vibration in the steering wheel when I am braking. This happens at any speed above say, 10/15 MPH. I have checked for stone chippings but there are none trapped that could be causing this. The car is still under warranty so I will get it booked in. Has anybody got any idea what could be causing this ? Regards,
  3. I have a New Mondeo (2007) Titanium X. I have heard that there is a switch under the bonnet to alter the lights for driving on the right. Is this correct, and if it is where is it. If it is not correct are there any stick -on reflectors I can buy. Thanks George
  4. NEW 2008 Mondeo

    Mike I would suggest that you read my posting of the 6 April concerning the problem I have with this car, and the lack of response from Ford and the dealer. I only wish that i had known about this problem prior to buying the car. If I had known I would not have bought a Ford. The biggest failing in all of this is that they will not put their comments in writing. THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES. Sorry for shouting but that is how I feel about Ford. Just a word of warning. Be careful. Good Luck George
  5. New Ford Mondeo

    Hi Poacher and thanks for the reply. There is far more to this than I can put into writing here. The dealers have given me several reasons for this occurance over a five month period. Strange that because they say they have never heard of it befor. Also when I first took it into the dealer they contacted Ford Tech who advised them to replace a part, which they did. Many answers needed here... 1. Why is the dealer still saying the can not find this problem when they drive the car. Their Master Tech has fond it but they still say it is not there. 2. Why has it taken five months to tell me that the car is meant to do this. Thanks again. I will keep you updated.
  6. Hi Guys just joined the Forum and read with interest about your new Mondeo. I also have the Titanium X but it has what i beleive is a serious problem. Could you please read the posting I put on "Will not slow down". You will see that Ford say this is a build design. do any of you have the same problem. Comments would be appreciated. Thanks Geo
  7. I have a new Ford Mondeo 57 plate. On some occasions when I take my foot off the accelerator in 4th gear and in 3rd gear to slow down, the car will slow down to about 30 mph and remain at that speed even though my foot is off the accelerator. It will continue at that speed until I change down again. If I brake to slow the car down to say 27 28 mph the engine fights against the braking. When I release the foot brake the car will accelerate back up to about 30 mph. This was reported to the dealer about 5 months ago but they said they could find no fault when they connected the car to the diagnoctic machine. They tell me that they have checked and no other New Mondeo does this. The Master Technition has been in the car with me when this has occured when he has been driving. I wrote to Ford but they refered me back to the dealer explaining that they could not commennt as they had not seen the vehicle. I have now involved Trading Standards. The dealers Regional Manager became involved and promised that he would get a Field Enginer to look at it. That Manager has recently told me that he has spoken to the Field Enginer who said that this is a Design Build Feture of this car and it is meant to do this, although the dealers say no other car in Europe does this. In view of this the Field Enginers visit has been canceled. I asked the Manager if he would confirm this in writing but he refused to do so stating that it was not his comment. I then asked if he would confirm in writing the Field Enginers comments. Again he refused to do so. On the advise of Trading Standars I am now holding the dealers in Breach of Contract. Asd a point of interest, that last time this problem occured I was on an open road clear of traffic so I let the car run on it's own. It continued at about 30 mph for about a 1/3rd of a mile without my foot on the accelerator. Has any other New Ford Mondeo owner experienced this problem. If you have, please let me know Thanks Geo