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  1. CREED

    What brake pads?

    For anything other than the ST you want pads which say "for vehicles with rear drum brakes".
  2. Interesting, I have lowered mine but the top nuts on the rear shocks were the only ones I didn't have to touch. I wonder if the issue can be caused by over tightening some of the other suspension parts, when I reinstalled the front struts for example...
  3. The six speed box does seem to be very clunky, especially in the lower gears. I believe it is the gear linkage operating that makes most of the noise. Mine certainly has a clunk in first and second but I'd always assumed it was normal
  4. CREED

    ST2 manual steering lock

    Mine is keyless and the steering lock comes on if the ignition is off. You can turn the wheel until it is centred then it locks in place.
  5. CREED

    Autobeam number plate led

    When you have your sidelights or headlights on
  6. CREED


    It looks like bird mess or some other contaminant has been left on the paintwork for long enough to eat into it? Fords paint warranty is very limited in what it covers, definitely worth mentioning but unless you can prove its a factory defect etc. they may refuse to pay out.
  7. CREED

    LED strips

    I gave a pretty comprehensive answer to this previously in this topic:
  8. CREED

    Brakes Grinding

    It does depend on the car, the ST uses stock pads which have an especially high metal content. The result is that they often do sound scratchy the first time you use them after it's been parked up over night. That being said the noise quickly goes away once you use them a few times. Stripping down the brakes would 100% show if anything was wrong and wouldn't take very long at all.
  9. CREED

    Which H7 bulbs

    No problem! OEM HIDs are really very good nowadays and in fact the ballasts can withstand flashing no problem. The igniters on the bulbs however, lose material each time the bulb is turned on. Flashing them uses this material up awfully quickly and there isn't really a way around this. One of the reasons why LEDs are now being used instead. 18 months isn't bad going at all if they were being used as the high beam! Luckily aftermarket bulbs and ballasts aren't too expensive to replace
  10. CREED

    Which H7 bulbs

    So in a normal bi-xenon setup the car would have both a Xenon bulb and a halogen. The halogen is used for a high beam only. The Xenon is used for low beam and then when the high beam is on the solenoid activates and allows it to assist the halogen. When flashing the lights the halogen and solenoid both activate. Unless your low beam is on already on it will not contribute to the flash. In BMWs the halogen is only used for flashing and the Xenon is used for high beam. Some cars also use dual "filament" Xenon bulbs but use this same system so the Xenon is never flashed. Just to throw a total spanner in the works though.... Some cars do have just a single HID projector and in this case the Xenon has to be used for flashing. To try and get around the problems this causes they use fast start ballasts. This solution must work as several cars come from factory using it but aftermarket kits are not designed to do it.
  11. CREED

    Spraying inside of headlights ?

    Just go around them using a hairdryer and trim removal tools. Take your time and be gentle. I've done this successfully with Mk7 Fiesta headlights
  12. CREED

    Which H7 bulbs

    No they can't as flashing Xenon bulbs damages them. That's why OEM use bi-xenon projectors which use a solenoid to let them act as high beam. Yes you are correct though when it comes to OEM stuff LEDs are definitely the way to go. It's unbelievable to me that people drive around with dazzling headlights and seem not to notice. Surely everyone must flash them?!
  13. CREED

    Which H7 bulbs

    LEDs are a fairly new technology and aren't as problem free as people make out. The LEDs themselves produce a lot of focused heat and this is normally what causes them to fail. The main advantage is that they can be used in reflector headlights safely - HIDs cannot. HIDs must be used with projectors and cannot be used as a high beam. Quality HIDs are cheaper and ultimately I think that right now they are the way to go. Give LEDs a few years to catch up.
  14. CREED

    Passenger door warning message

    It's the plug he removes at 5:38, not sure what wire it is. You will have to experiment with a multimeter.
  15. CREED

    Upgrade to ST headlights

    For the benefit of anyone else viewing the thread here are the links Modified adaptor: Forscan download: But yea PM away