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  1. New Car Order

    My cars is finally at the dealership they found no faults on it so they gave me the option to wait for the 15 plate which I took and pick up on the 2nd of March thank god the long wait is over
  2. Dealerships

    Have you heard anything about recalls for fiesta z s I ordered this September 8th last year and still cannot get my hands on it
  3. Dealerships

    That's what I am thinkin at this moment coz I am being told about a recall so there's a delay with delivery but people I've spoke to don't know about a recall. Should have had car last Saturday then let down at the last minute because of so called recall so car is stuck at new flush Holland that's why I put the question about dealerships owing money to the manufacturer
  4. Fiesta Recall

    I am starting to get concerned by the fact that no one seems to think there is a recall on latest builds so I could be being led a merry dance by the dealership he says the cars been built but at what point is it worth cancelling. It's doin my head in.
  5. Dealerships

    Can anyone tell me if a dealer has a poor credit history if there is such a thing can that affect you if you have a car from them ie late delivery for instance coz they have not paid there bills
  6. Fiesta Recall

    Just wondering if anyone who is expecting a new car soon has there dealer said anything about a recall so there might be a delay?
  7. Fiesta Zs Recall

    To tell you the truth I don't know what to think he said today something about a bracket failure God knows where on the car
  8. Fiesta Zs Recall

    Yeh think so my dealer said about 7000 dont know if that's new builds like mine or from last year
  9. Fiesta Zs Recall

    Ime waitin for my ZS stuck in Holland with a recall something to do with a brake issue should have had it last Saturday
  10. Fiesta Recall

    Yeh mines a race red zetec s
  11. Fiesta Recall

    Yeh he said something about a bracket fault God knows where he said they done some tests and this part failed so instead of send cars to dealers they decided to replace this part on all affected models just hope it don't affect you buddy
  12. Fiesta Recall

    Just had a call from my dealer it looks like I am having a 15 plate. At the earliest could get car in 2 weeks at best but he's giving the option of waitin and having the 15 plate which is the best option
  13. Fiesta Recall

    I've just found out as well the reg number its a 64 plate which sounds crazy if I don't get the car for another 4 weeks the 15 plates out then oh well happy days
  14. Fiesta Recall

    I hope you don't get a recall then
  15. Fiesta Recall

    I know the car was probably built 14th of jan and it's at flushing docks in Holland that's when the recall was told to me yesterday