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  1. Hi everyone this is my first post; I have a ford fiesta style on a 57 plate, within the past month i noticed that both my front seats have started to become damaged/torn. On closer investigation this is due to the two metal wires which releases the seat in order for it to tilt forward......When the seat is tilting forward the wires have rubbed the fabric, hence the holes appearing!!!!!! My main reason for this post is to make other fiesta owners aware of the potential problem as this is also occuring in another family members fiesta on a 08 plate....... Secondly i was wondering <_< has anyone else experienced the same problem. I am currently dealing with ford customer care on this matter, but at the moment i am struggling to get them to admit that this is actually a manufacturers fault and hence should be covered on the cars warranty. thanks in anticipation to anyone who can help!!!!! :)