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  1. Hi Habbers Look for my comments earlier on the thread. My lock also appeared to be the LHD kit. I was able to buy the plastic arm off ebay for a few pounds so avoided fitting a whole new kit. If you've already bought the kit then you could take it back? Or sell it on Ebay? Either way I'd suggest just replacing the arm rather than the whole lock. I can see the arm is still for sale on Ebay £5 delivered. Item description on Ebay is "Ford Focus bonnet catch - latch handle - arm"
  2. RAB2000

    Battery Drain On Mk2 Tdci

    Hi I've owned my 2005 Focus 2.0 TDCi Ghia Estate for 4 years now and throughout that time it's had a battery drain. I unhook the negative terminal and the car doesn't get used in the week so have never got round to sorting it out. Fortunately the car doesn't seem to mind, although the bonnet lock does.... I've posted about that elsewhere. Anyway, a couple of years ago I got as far as buying a multimeter and hooked it up but didn't get much further than comfirming, yes there's a drain. So, finally spent sometime pulling fuses over the last few weeks and have got to this stage: (all measured on the 10A scale) 0.54A - Immediately after closing door and locking car 0.38A - After about 5-10 seconds (interior lights go off) 0.23A - After about 10 minutes (dashboard goes off) So 0.23A (or 230mA) is my background level it seems, a lot more than around 50mA or less as being what would be considered normal and hence why if left connected the battery drops enough to not be able start after perhaps a week or less even. So on to pulling fuses. First up was the central fuse box in the passenger footwell. The main one being the F80 fuse (down as battery saver / interior lights), this dropped my drain from 0.23A to 0.13A so a signification part of my drain but not all of it. The F46 fuse (audio) seems to use up 0.01A so not concerned by that. So next was the auxillary fuse box under the bonnet (will the F80 fuse above removed). All was fine except for the big fuses F3 and F4. If I removed the F3 fuse first I'd drop to 0.06A and then F4 fuse afterwards it would then be down to 0.00A. If I did it the other way, remove F4 first it would drop to 0.11A and then remove F3 to get to 0.00A again. So overall it is the F80 fuse in the central fuse box and the F3 and F4 fuses in the auxillary box. The F3 and F4 are marked up as 'central fuse box / ignition relays). I think they do override the central fuse box but I already know the issue there. Maybe this suggests it's the ignition that is the problem. Going to get the car serviced by Ford next week I think (it's long over due) so wondering whether to give them this information and see if they can resolve it. I'd be ok throwing £100-200 at this to be fixed but any more and it's not worth it as can continue on as I am - the cars got 145k on it (previous owner mostly!). Anyway, would be great if anyone has any suggestions on the F80 central fuse and the F3 / F4 fuses in the auxillary box. Thanks!
  3. A further update. I have found some more information and the bonnet lock system on my FF Mk2 is the LHD kit. Quite why it was fitted is a mystery, I have only owned the car since 2009 and it's a March 2005 car. Anyway, if anyone does have the LHD kit on their car then like the RHD kit you should be able to purchase the whole kit, like this: However, it's only the plastic connector that was needed. This maybe available from Ford but by good fortune I found a seller on Ebay selling them at £4 + £1 P&P so I bought two and it works. I don't know if the Ebay one is genuine or not but doesn't really matter. The company selling these on Ebay is Locoser Limited (email nonstopauto@hotmail.com)
  4. RAB2000

    Bonnet Lock Ff Mk2

    I Have had success with finding this part. See my response on the bonnet lock repair guide thread.
  5. More internet searching and Ford part number 4549268 may be it. Only costs £2 to £3 so could be it but may be a small part for the system with the security. I can't find a picture of this part anywhere.
  6. A few more pics. This shows the plastic rod connected at the 'car' end. It simply clips on and off: At the other end the rod has broken with one of the plastic clip arms broken off: At the moment I've botched a repair by putting the grill back in place (no clips!) and then taping an allen key to the plastic rod long enough to go through the grill and I can open the bonnet again with the grill in place. A very temporary repair!
  7. Here's a picture of my lock mechanism. The lock end of the plastic rod has broken. If you hold the whole rod you can turn it left and right to unlock the bonnet. So no security system here.
  8. Hi I had a bonnet lock problem with my Focus Mk2 and thought it might be useful for people to know that pick up on this handy thread. I also have a couple of queries that someone may be able to help with! Anyway, I have a 2005 Focus Mk2 2.0 TCDi Ghia Estate and it doesn't have the bonnet mechanism shown in this thread but has the one shown in this thread (so I'm not the only one - perhaps it's Euro spec or early Mk2?): http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/37142-bonnet-lock-ff-mk2/?p=248147 I've had my car for 4 years now and seems to suffer from a battery drain so rather than fix the drain, I disconnect the battery each time. I have bought a multimeter and came to the conclusion that yes there is a drain but yet to do anything about it. It has an old Nokia phone kit which is still fitted so might remove that. I only use the car at weekends so actually it's not that much hassle to do what I'm doing, hence lazy to repair. The bad news is the overuse of the bonnet I suppose. Not great when your battery is disconnected and you can't get in! Anyway, I assumed I had the same issue as discussed here and got myself armed with a long rod to try and do the click tecnique but with a torch I noticed that mine didn't look like that. In end I went for the grill removal technique and managed to break the rivets (mostly!) and with a bit of brute force it came out in one piece although I think I broke a few bits of plastic on the 'slam panel' but it's re-usable. Once inside I could then turn the rod (pictures to follow with a bit of luck) connected to the car end by hand as it had broken off the back of the lock. The car was back in action. So, what I need is a new plastic rod connecting the lock end to the car end. It clips on each end so easy to replace. I suspect it's not available as a single item but perhaps as a whole system. However, the only one available seems to be the one discussed on this thread. Any one any ideas? Also, where's the best place to get the plastic rivet/plugs/screws that hold the grill in place (particularly the ones at each end that can't be seen. Many thanks. Will no try and add a pic or two.
  9. RAB2000

    Bonnet Lock Ff Mk2

    Hi I have the same bonnet lock system on my FF Mk2. Will reply on the 'how to' thread but if anyone knows whether the part shown in the above picture can be bought anywhere that would be great! Thanks.