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  1. Passenger Air Bag

    take the battery leads off before you try anything with airbags and leave for 1 hour
  2. should av crashed in to em
  3. And yet another newbie !

    buy my car pal
  4. Central Locking

    shoot em
  5. Passenger footwell getting very hot

    i know what you mean
  6. Mk7 cabin noise

    i agree
  7. Those with indicator issues put ya hand up

    ford can be hopeless sometimes for help
  8. Those with indicator issues put ya hand up

    no probs on my 03 plate
  9. pic of my capri

    its ace tht mate
  10. Hello from fife!

    not bad
  11. Alloys for 02 plate mk6 fiesta

    18" are best but rub slightly
  12. Mk 7 Colour Options

  13. Diagnostic Equipment

    are they expensive?
  14. newbie :D

    hi laura love
  15. fiesta zetec airbag light

    cheers problem solved just unplugged wire under seat and give it a clean