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  1. Wiring an aftermarket radio through the battery

    Had the same problem on a older car as well. There was a change to the wiring in a car/radio scenario which means with a newish radio and an older car you have to swap two of the wires over to give you what you need. The permanent and switched live wires need to be changed over. Re: Blaupunkt Car 300 stereo removal Reply #7 - 24. Sep 2007 at 10:06 to sort your memory issue, switch the red and yellow wire over. Most JVC's go from they're own connection to iso so the wire change over is easy This will cure this easy peasy and save you £ on a iso lead. However if the loom plugs straight in the back of the unit then you will need iso adaptor Sad Best to google something like "car radio losing preset stations" and see what you get up. Ken
  2. Condenser replacement on 2002 Focus 16. Zetec

    Alz, Condenser is completely rotten at bottom so any gas will have escaped long time ago. Aware that restoring gas and oil is a specialist job but was really wondering about the actual replacement of the condenser itself. I would like to do that myself and then get a mobile air conditioning guy in to replenishj the gas to make it all work. Thanks Ken
  3. The air conditioning condenser on my 2002 1.6 Focus Zetec needs replaced. I have had a quick look at it and it looks like a complete pain of a job to do. Why do they never make these things easy! Can anyone confirm (or deny) that it's doable. I am a very competent mechanic but it looks (at first glance) that the complete front of the Focus needs to come away to allow access to the condenser. Any help much appreciated. Thanks Ken
  4. Ford Focus keys

    I live in Aberdeen, Scotland. Where can I get the physical key actually cut. I don't want it programmed etc. but just physically cut on the key blade. Have two other keys and master blue key. Ford garage says £60 for the whole shebang as does an auto locksmith. Where can I get the key cut? Do someone like Timpson's do it? Let me know who you've had cut a key by and what cost. Thanks Ken
  5. Hiya. Just joined the club as just purchased a Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec 2002 model for my son to start learning to drive. Other cars in the household are a 2.6 Audi A6 and a 3l diesel Toyota Previa neither of which are very good cars to learn to drive in. Both are automatics as well. Bought the Focus and must say am impressed. Few niggles...... 1. Replaced stereo with better one that now drives the speakers better. 2. Two new front tyres. 3. Front passenger headlight bulb dead but replaced. Wow ! Hope everything's not that hard to replace. 4. Rear drivers side brake light dead - EASY to replace. 5. Rear wash wipe pipe disconnected from unit in rear door. Now connected and doesn't spray water inside car! 6. Micro switches in existing key on their way out. - got some parts off Ebay and should be OK to get a second remote key working and replace fob of old key. 7. Getting about 35mpg around town. 8. Paid £1500 for the car. Will try and help out once I get familiar with the car. Ken