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  1. Boys Vs Girls

    My Car is Male :)
  2. HELP! FAO all Drivers

    Yeah with this company though they add any driver to a policy for that price regardless of Convictions, Accidents, Age etc Sounds too good to be true, It probs is.
  3. HELP! FAO all Drivers

    I know about the DOC situation it is very tricky to get around. My boyfriend has a Range Rover Sport, he never uses it because he's got a car that he uses alot more and prefers it. He said I can basically have it whenever I want if I can get the insurance sorted for it. It's £4,000 for my own insurance on it and by adding me as a named driver on his doesn't make much difference either. Which is why I'm relying on finding some back ally insurance broker who will have me on a DOC. Neeed a way around it.
  4. HELP! FAO all Drivers

    I'v heard there is a car insurance company that will add named drivers for an extra £45. I would be really greatful if anybody could find out the name of this insurance company or a similar one that does this sort of thing. Also if anybody can name some of the minority car insurances who will provide DOC (Driving Other Cars) to under 25's. Thanks very much, any help would be appreciated. (Mods please leave topic in here for now)
  5. You should never run your car that low anyway, I know it's easy to but try keep on top of it. Catchs people out sooner or later, next thing you know your on the hard shoulder on M6 calling yourself a t*sser. The way you driver you car determinds the milage you will get from fuel. That 10 mile thing will be based on alot of things that you may not put into practice.
  6. Rikki issss out good heavens for that aswell, cry baby
  7. do you live here ??

    Wow Suprised Liverpool isn't on there haha We are something like 2nd worst for no car insurance Manchester came 1st
  8. What cars do you hope to have?

    I love Alfa Romeos on that note ! The 8C Or I'd be quite peachy with a Mito ^_^
  9. O/T - X Factor

    Joseph - Brilliant performance tonight, really stepped up and gave it his best. I really like him Stacey - Shes really mad but when she sings shes at a whole new level. Shes fab! Lloyd - He was really nervous, thats his weakness but I think hes quite loveable 'Miss Frank' - I LOVE 'Miss Frank' They're gonna be really good. I know that they are the best of a bad bunch but for a band thats only been known each other for a few weeks they definatly have it. Rikki - Not all too keen, He's just cried his way to the Live shows. Comes across as trying to hard aswell Rachel - Her performance wasn't as good as I imagined but she was the first up. She doesn't particulary get me though Danyl - He can be a bit cocky and trys to hard but I think he's going to win it if he tones down. Danni was a little cow tonight for saying what she said, jumping on her own bandwagon shes an utter idiot. 'Kandy Rain' - I think they are a bit silly to be honest and I totally agree with Cheryl. They came on trying to prove that they wern't just 4 strippers trying to be in a girl band but when they came out on the stage they looked exactly that and then moan that the press bring up their past??? They're not exactly doing themselves any favours with their stage presence. Olly - I like Olly, he's cheeky and friendly yet doesn't go over that border line of getting cocky like some of them. Hes really likable 'John and Edward' - Hate them, Hate them, Hate them. The amount of talent thats gone through them auditions.. yet these talentless little brats come on, p*ss !Removed! about and get through. Something terribly wrong their Jamie - Great performer, live wire and hes going to do really well and good on him. Lucie - Another one thats going to do really well. Voice of an angel. Simon was out of order trying to bring her down like he did. Comparing a kid whos just started out to Leona Lewis. She was so much better than Leona when she first started. Shes that good Simon finds her a threat. I hope she comes back next week and shows him his feedback is bull !Removed! because she's got so much potential.
  10. Window rattle !

    Staying clear of the new Fiesta
  11. I think it's Winner - Danyl 2nd - Lucie 3rd - Jamie
  12. Door mirrors

    They work Fab! especially when joining on a motorway
  13. DI Diesel oil cooler

    My Boyfriend is a Diesel engineer engine specialist thingy. I will ask him :) x
  14. Door mirrors

    Yeah I still do that ! But if you adjust them properly and place them in the right corners they are pretty amazing! Better than having non