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  1. debdam

    Child Observation Mirror

    Did anyone managed to find a mirror for their S-Max?
  2. debdam

    Child Observation Mirror

    We have a baby on the way and want a child observation mirror so we can keep an eye on him. I remember when we looking to buy a Ford, there was one on a Galaxy that was fitted in the overhead sunglass holder. Does anyone have any idea where I could buy one of these, searching on the internet is proving to be a nightmare!
  3. Yeah I checked the coolant level this morning and it's seemed to develop a thirst for it as it's empty again! Read somewhere that it could be a split in the plastic air bleed hose
  4. I noticed yesterday that the coolant level was low so I topped it up and the heater seems to be ok now. Gonna keep an eye on it though in case it's leaking antifreeze!
  5. Hi Peter No, still have the problem! I don't think I have an aux heater either, as like you say, the engine on my car is reaching normal temp but the heater still isn't blowing warm air! I was going to check the radiator water level so will let you know if anything changes!
  6. Hi, yeah the temperature needle goes to halfway so does that mean that the thermostat is ok?
  7. As the title says, I have a 2007 S-Max Titanium TDCi and the heater doesn't want to work below 60mph. Around town and on B-roads it blows out cold air but as soon as I'm on an A-road or a motorway and doing 60-70mph it heats up. Any ideas what is wrong with it? Cheers!
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums debdam :)

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