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  1. Installing a dash cam

    Sorry for the late reply. I am sure you done it now. But I can't remember of the top of my head. I just plugged a 12v usb plug into my socket with a light on. And pulled out each fuse until it went off.
  2. Installing a dash cam

    I used the 12v fuse for mine. It stays on for 15 minutes after I lock the car but comes on as soon as I unlock it.
  3. Bluetooth module help

    Sorry I have only just replied to this. Do I get it on ebay? Many thanks
  4. Hi peeps, Bought a 2008 2.0 TDCi Titanium X on Monday. The stereo allows me to connect my phone to make and receive calls but I can't stream music. What do I need to change this? Is it another module? Many thanks
  5. I used the fuse that feeds the esp. Comes on with ignition and goes off. Works well. I would tell you which one it is but I think my book is different so I just pulled out every fuse until it worked.
  6. VIN questions

    Where is the engine number because I don't have a clue. Because the written off car has no identity so perhaps it was a way to hide the 57 plate. I don't know really. Also the windscreen has been replaced at one point. Its not a Ford windscreen. Perhaps it was damaged while the car was stolen?
  7. VIN questions

    No it doesn't I thought that. https://hpicheck.com/support/faqs#qa-faq1.25 The HPI Check will not provide details of vehicles that have been recorded as stolen but have subsequently been recovered without damage. If the vehicle has been recovered and written off by an insurance company due to the theft, this will be moved from the stolen register and show on the write off/condition alert register.
  8. VIN questions

    Could it be possible that my car was stolen. They tried to hide it by changing vin and plates. It got reclaimed and sent back to original owner who had original plates put back on but didn't notice the vin had been changed?
  9. VIN questions

    I have not told DVLA anything yet so they have no idea who I am. I just rang up to enquire.
  10. VIN questions

    I have rang DVLA who want me to write a letter detailing my findings, send in the V5 and all places the VIN is. I Will also send in photos to. But they will take 4 weeks. If the dealer want to resolve it before then what do I do as I don't have the V5?
  11. VIN questions

    I have given them until Friday to come up with a satisfactory resolution.
  12. VIN questions

    I checked the vin on the ecu and it cames back as the 57 plates vin. But just took it around a mates house and the chassis vin is not correct. It is on a stainless steel plate that looks like it has been glued on top. No idea whats underneath as I am not touching it. But it could be a the 57 plates vin underneath or a 3rd vehicle.
  13. VIN questions

    I have just plugged my laptop in and the vin matches the logbook and sticker So to clarify Same vin on logbook, sticker and car ecu Same vin on chassis and windscreen. But both are different.
  14. VIN questions

    Private name. They acquired the vehicle in March 2016
  15. VIN questions

    The MOT certificate vin entry matches the one that is on a sticker and logbook. Not the one on the chassis or windscreen