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  1. Airbag Warning Light.

    Thanks GingerFlame, Much appreciated, and readers, please forgive the multi posting, I was getting messages saying I wasn't allowed to post the topic.
  2. Airbag Warning Light.

    Hi, I removed the front passenger seat in order to accommodate a large payload. Since replacing the seat the airbag / seatbelt warning lamp on the instrument panel is permanently glowing. I know there is nothing wrong with either seat belts or airbags, this was purely caused by disconnecting the wiring to the passenger seat, seat belt. Can anyone advise a cure to this, or am I going to need an auto electrician? Thanks
  3. Instrument Panel Lights

    Hi folks, bit peeved as I've just spent two hours removing the instrument panel from my 2007 TDCi to hopefully replace the glow plug warning light, only to find there are no replaceable bulbs as such 😳 So, what is the cure for faulty panel lights? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Tangolegs :)

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