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    Are you a fan of Ironman...
  2. hmmmmm, good question.... I shall try that one out.
  3. @CyprusPluto that sounds more like what I was expecting to happen, so it would appear that mine are definitely not working... i will book it in for a warranty claim and see what Mr Ford has to say about it! Thanks for the replies guys
  4. 59 Plate Fiesta 1.4 Battery Going Flat

    very interesting problem and i hope you get it sorted. I had a 55 plate fiesta that was killing batteries to the extent that when the RAC came out to me after it wouldn't start they fitted me a fully charged new battery that lasted around 10 minutes before it cut out again!! The fault turned out to be an internal short in the alternator, so we ended up disconnecting the main lead from it, and just driving home on another fresh battery, using the least amount of power possible!. it might be worth disconnecting various electrical things to see if that lowers the power drain.
  5. I've had my 64 plate Fiesta for a few weeks now, and i'm a little confused about the parking sensors. When i engage reverse the centre console screen shows the vehicle with the circle infront and behind and the light on the parking sensor on/off button flashes a couple of times. Then after about half a second the screen returns to the radio and the light goes out. this happens even if i start reversing instantly! Then nothing..... to the extent that i can back up very carefully to a wall and touch it without even a peep!! The same happens if i try to manually turn the sensors on by pressing the button. Am i doing something wrong or is the system faulty? Its still under warranty so it will be going into my local dealers if there is a fault, i just didn't want to book it in and have them explain there's nothing wrong except the operator
  6. TD Di engine has a mind of its own!

    Hi himi, thanks for the help :D that sounds about right, just look straight ahead & avoid eye contact when at the lights! any idea where this valve is & what it looks like? I might take it off and see if i can clean it up! is yours a diesel engine with the electronic throttle? cheers kev
  7. Hi guy's I have a problem with a 1.8TD Di that picks up revs on its own! When coming to a junction and you dip the cluch the engine will rev on its own to about 2000-2500 rpm. Since this is a Di it has an electronic throttle so no cable to get stuck. I think it may be something to do with the electronic side of things because if you turn the engine of then start up straight away everything is ok! have any of you had a problem like this? Cheers Kev