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  1. MPG on New Fiesta Diesel?

    Thanks for all the feedback, i'm swaying back towards buying again after being initially quite dissapointed with the figures from the trip computer after the test drive. I was edging towards just staying put with the Golf and living with the fuel economy Looks like the main problem will be my local dealer managing to get hold of a 1.6tdci Zetec in the colour I want at a price I can afford! The 1.6's seem pretty thin on the ground from Ford Direct, seems like the Fiesta is proving to be quite popular at the moment
  2. Hi, First post here as I'm thinking of getting a new Fiesta and decided to try and do a little homework. I've done a few searches and saw that some people are getting anywhere upwards of 40mpg on the new fiesta diesels, but I was hoping that it would probably be more. I'm considering going for a 1.6 Tdci (probably a Zetec) on an 09 plate, What could i realistically expect on day to day travel? Part of my reasoning in swapping to a Fiesta would be getting mileage closer to the government figure of 67mpg would save around £500 a year on fuel (my Golf 2.0 tdi get 45mpg), save nearly £100 on tax, and then hopefully get cheaper servicing and lower insurance (I'm in group 13 at the moment) I don't do a huge amount of miles, on average about 13,000 a year, most of which is made up of an 18 mile commute down country lanes with the odd blast down a dual carriageway. On the test drive of the Fiesta I went out for maybe 15 minutes and got 40mpg. I wasn't blown away by that as I was expecting much nearer 60mpg, but with the car being idle on the forecourt for a few mins whilst the dealer sorted out trade plates, a quick move to the petrol station to pop a fiver in, a 3 minute drive down to the local mcdoanlds to swap over and then me taking the car down a dual carriageway, down some country lanes and then back into some traffic before heading to the dealership, i guess it was hardly surprising it didn't get better miles. Any info on achievable MPG is appreciated as the dealer's view on fuel consumption is obviously a little biased towards flogging me a new motor! cheers