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  1. Fiesta Mk7 Interior Ambient Lights

    its not a plug n play unless its actually fitted when new, you will need to take it off from another connection like above ^^^
  2. Fiesta Mk7 Interior Ambient Lights

    Behind the glovebox was a wire plugged into where it should go but inspecting it it wasnt a connector just sumwhere ford have left to hide it. Apon testing mine it had no power and i tried to follow the wire but lost it! theres so many. If you dont want to go to fords then you'l have to split it with your gear knob if you have an illuminating one or your interior lights. Matt
  3. Fiesta Mk7 Interior Ambient Lights

    Hi guys, ive done this and if your car wasnt meant to have them then the only way is to retro fit them, the glovebox light parts you can get from ford, they cost around £40 for the parts. When i fiited mine i thought the glovebox one would just plug in but the wires didnt work! I had the illuminating gear knob which i split to feed the lights. As for the ambient lights above your head you'l need the new light unit, quite expensive but you will have to send a wire to them also. It can be done as ive done it but its not as easy as plug it in and it works! Matt
  4. Fiesta Sport Grille Chrome Inserts

    I too would like one les, pm me when your back and i can paypal you :) Merry Christmas Matt
  5. Mountune

    basically when your driving at normal speeds without harsh accelleration its not loud, but put your foot down and you'l hear it but it by no way a bad sounding car. Im sure you could take a mountune car for a spin before lossing alot of hard earnt cash!
  6. Your Opinions About My Wheels Please

    Ive had mine done gloss black, there not the standard alloys but ul get an idea:
  7. Glove Box Light

    is it a mk7?
  8. 2011 Fiesta

    i believe there are 2 extra options: Rear view camera in mirror and the sony stereo standard on titanium i think and options on zetec/s correct me if im wrong. Matt
  9. Hid Xenon Conversion?

    ive got the 6000k rating ones, cant beat them, buy them!
  10. The Best Mk7 Fiesta I Have Ever Seen!!!!

    yeah the other white one is nice, the mountune one aint white as is the US ones so they dont count :P Mine isnt lowered at all, just waiting for funds to buy a set of gaz coilovers. Matt
  11. New Options Prices

    i reckon you could, would prbably have to buy a new surround if its a different shape, so probably looking another £50 quid on top of the option price if you wana retro fit it. Id like one as it looks really good.
  12. The Best Mk7 Fiesta I Have Ever Seen!!!!

    Id say this is the best white MK7 fiesta:
  13. Mk7 1.25 Zetec Progress Thread

    im afraid the front windows are not legal, they look really good but the police if they stop you will ask you to remove them, u may be lucky and never get pulled over tho.
  14. Warning Mountune Heartlands Ford Tamworth

    sounds like rubbish to me, no one else who has had a mountune upgrade has said they have to wait til it reaches 6000 miles. Uve paid for 140ps upgrade, thats what you should get! it states on website its 140 garanteed, and doesnt say .....but after 6000 miles.
  15. Mk7 Exhaust from Piper

    Why has all these exhaust manufactures not thought how ugly the tail pipe looks under the rear valance! am i not the only one that would want one cut into the valance?? Look at all the performance cars that have there exhuasts cutting into the bodywork. It just looks like its hanging about! I would buy the mountune package but the exhaust put me off so much id rather get something else. Did you do market research to see what people would like as an exhaust tip?