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  1. Paddy Fusion

    Rubbish headlights

    I second the Osram bulbs....a brilliant upgrade.
  2. Paddy Fusion

    Drop link

    Thank you 👍
  3. Paddy Fusion


    Yes, I'd be interested in seeing that as well.
  4. Paddy Fusion

    Drop link

    Another question sorry guys. With reference to my previous post...does the 2003 tdci model have a drop link on the front strut the same as 2007 models. Thank you Phil
  5. Paddy Fusion

    Front Strut Swap

    Hi guys. Can anyone help please. Will the complete nsf suspension leg (strut and spring etc) off a 2003 1.4 tdci fit on my 2007 1.4 tdci. Thanks guys
  6. Paddy Fusion

    Rattle from top end ??

    Evening guys. I wonder if anyone can shed some light on what happened to my 1.4tdci last night. We were stuck in traffic for over an hour last night with long spells of idling, after a while the throttle became very unresponsive until i gave it a good rev and then all was fine for a little while longer...this happened a couple of times. My main concern was after this happened for the third or fourth time, when I revved the engine it sounded very tappety as the revs peaked at about 3000rpm. When we got out of the traffic every thing seemed ok and we continued on our journey which included an hour or so of motorway driving. I gave the car a quick look this morning and I can't see anything started and drove perfect. It is the 1.4tdci with 98000 on the clock, it uses very little oil and returns the expected mileage to the gallon... Does anyone have any idea on this 'fault' that happened last night... Thanks all Phil
  7. Paddy Fusion

    Headlamp upgrade

    Up date on the bulb situation guys. Osram Night Breakers fitted...Massive improvement, thanks all for input.
  8. Paddy Fusion


    Hi guys. I'm thinking of fitting a set of DRL's and wonder where under the bonnet is the best place to get an ignition fed live from on my 1.4tdci. Cheers guys
  9. Paddy Fusion

    Headlamp upgrade

    Thank you guys. 👍 I'll have a look on e bay for a pair.
  10. Paddy Fusion

    Headlamp upgrade

    Morning all. I've recently started a new job which entails a fair bit of driving my 07 Fusion on unlit country lanes. Well the standard headlights are not the best so I'm wondering is there a decent light upgrade available for the 'ole' girl. Many thanks guys.
  11. Paddy Fusion

    Ignition Feed cigar Lighter

    Hi all. I've just bought one of those dash cams for the 'ole girl' which has to have a continuous feed off the cigar lighter to operate.With the lighter being live all the time this means I have to unplug every time I park the car up. Is it possible to change this to an ignition fed live to make my life easier ( otherwise I'll simply forget to plug it in ) Cheers all.
  12. Paddy Fusion

    Grey Plastic Trim Paint Or Polish???

    Plus one for the peanut butter, it does work but fades after a week or 2. Tried Autoglym but that fades aswell.
  13. Paddy Fusion

    Adding 2 Stroke Oil To Diesel? ?

    Has anyone heard of, or tried adding a small quantity of mineral 2 stroke oil to a tank full of diesel? Apparently it helps clean out the fuel system and gives a small increase in economy and aids smother running.
  14. Paddy Fusion

    Headlamp Aim.

    Has any one expierenced this with they're headlamp aim....Twice in the last 6 months I've ajusted my headlamps and after a couple of months the aim has dropped. It seems that the n/s lamp drops slightly more than the other.. Nothing appears to be lose or broken on the lamps so I was wondering could it be a fault with the dash mounted adjuster wheel and mechanisms? Any ideas guys. Many thanks..
  15. Paddy Fusion

    Cleaning Exterior Plastic Trim.

    When I saw your reply of peanut butter I initially thought you've had a few to many Jack Daniels, but after doing a bit of research I do apologise. ...your not bonkers and I'm going to try it tomorrow, if this rain stops. Many thanks