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  1. mondeo mk3 abs warning light

    I have taken the car to another garage just to ask their opinion,they told me that either the connector is broken or the bearing has been put in the wrong way round and there is a magnetic side to it and it is affecting the connector? could this be the case? Cheers.
  2. mondeo mk3 abs warning light

    Yeah exactly,thats what i thought,i will take it back to them and get them told to replace it at their cost.Cheers
  3. mondeo mk3 abs warning light

    Cheers,I think im gunna take it back to them,they caused the problem,they can sort it,if theyre funny about it then i'll get in touch with citizens advice.
  4. Hi there,My mondeo mk3 has just failed the mot on a front n/s wheel bearing.I bought one and had the garage fit it,when i collected the car i was told that they had to take the abs unit off to get the bearing out and that the plastic lug off the connector had broken off but it would be ok.When i was travelling home the abs light was on,i phoned the garage and told them,they said bring it down the next day and they would try and glue the lug back on,when i collected it again they said they had tried the other sides connector but the light was still on and it was something to do with the wheel bearing,but because i had bought it from someone else and not them then there was nothing more they could do. I think this is garbage and they are just trying to fob me off,The light wasnt on before i took it to them and it didnt fail the mot with this,so where do i stand? If anyone has any other ideas why this light is on i would appreciate any replies,Thanks in advance,Nick.