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  1. @AlexBartlam lucky !! Mine was £73 delivered and just the back box !! @Pd2 it is very close, one side is slightly touching when hot but isn't putting much pressure on it. But i think i just need to rotate it slightly because it was raining when i fitted it !! But the part you would have to cut wouldn't be seen . Also it is very quiet and just noticeable when you put your foot down
  2. Update !! No cutting was required fits nicely . Quite close
  3. Its a standard exhaust that was cheap. And literally just for a slight better sound . Obviously aware its not goin to give any performance benefits
  4. Just got an St180 exhaust for my fiesta ecoboost zetec . Question is will it fit with the standard rear defuser with longer hangers ? If not i am just goin to cut the tips off and fit it hidden . Ps also have a 45mm to 55 mm connection already . Thanks
  5. Is access ok ?? Looked quite tight and fiddley when i looked at my bay
  6. How easy is it to fit the charge pipe kit ? Is access easy enough ?
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums bigryan2 :)

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