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  1. JamieC

    If you could have any car

    It'd have to be Subaru Impreza 22b STi for me
  2. JamieC

    A few mods to show off...

    Another new addition
  3. JamieC

    MK3 RS spoiler questions...

    The only thing I can see is the washer jet in the brake light set slightly differently because the ST spoiler sticks out further. As it turns out I need another brake light because mine is badly cracked, annoyingly. It's a genuine one and it came from eBay. You should be able to find one for the MK2.5. I've seen a couple of aftermarket ones. I can't recall where though lol
  4. JamieC

    MK3 RS spoiler questions...

    The RS spoiler turned up today, swapped them over and low and behold the brake light from the ST spoiler fits and works fine.
  5. JamieC

    MK3 RS spoiler questions...

    I've just had a look through the CJ Pony Parts website and read the questions regarding the spoiler kit they sell. Someone has asked the question about the light and they've comeback with ''The stock light will not work, that's why it comes with a new light.'' How?! Lol, I'm guessing they mean it won't fit.
  6. JamieC

    MK3 RS spoiler questions...

    That's what made me ask, I saw the video recently but I can't see Ford making three or four different centre brake lights. I could be totally wrong of course lol.
  7. Well one question actually lol, is the centre brake light different in the RS spoiler over the ST?
  8. JamieC

    How Low can you go

    Well..that's...erm...different. I'll pass, I like the oil sump where it is
  9. JamieC

    Door edge protectors

    I have those, best thing ever!
  10. JamieC

    Mk3 ZS - Mudflaps

    I've had those from Performance Creations on my Focus for a while now and I can't fault them. Only took and hour and a half for me to do all four too. Had some on my Subaru too!
  11. Not yet but it's got me thinking though.
  12. Been out and about this morning and drove past a Ford dealer with a couple of Focus RS on the forecourt. Pulled in to have a look and ended up talking to a salesman then taking one for a test drive. Oops!
  13. JamieC

    Mixing oil with diesel

    This is true but the supermarket fuel is of a lower standard compared to the likes of BP for example. The supermarket fuel is of high enough quality to meet British and EU Standards but not BP's and Shell's own higher standards.
  14. JamieC

    A few mods to show off...

    I now have the resonator delete pipe, I was a bit skeptical to begin with but I now wish I'd done it sooner. It's given my ST the exhaust note it deserves and at a fraction of the cost of a full cat back system. The Mountune roll restrictor has now also been fitted and it's made a real improvement to the feel and handling. There is a little more vibration in the cabin but I can live with it with the benefits it provides.